More YouTubing


Just installed the best-priced ($0) Bandicam app to crank out some more YouTube videos.  The same kind of thing you love to read here, but in my lovely Kermit the Frog voice:


Advice for New Bloggers



By internet standards, I’m a nobody, but by wargaming blog standards―considering that Infinity isn’t the most popular wargame, and Tohaa is the least popular faction―I consider 250 daily views a good success.  As the blogroll expands, I notice more and more bloggers popping up (lots of you Yu Jing dudes), so I’d like to share tips over my years of Infinity blogging on what seems to work.


Campaigns, Home


The Tohaa heard the distress call from their allies, the humans.  Wotan, a critical gate which jumped deep into humanity’s territory, was exposed.  A Daraani corvette rushed to Wotan and beheld a great fight.  But then, the Tohaa heard a message come from the Nomads:  “Aid us or lose your ship.”

The Nomads, longtime rebels of the two greatest nations of humanity, PanOceania and Yu Jing, was the instigator of the Wotan emergency.  It was reported that the Nomads were ferrying Shasvastii.  But the commander of the Daraani corvette winced.  “We submit.  Whom would you like us to strike?”

Life Priorities


So, I have been dragging my feet on writing a big 2-part battle report from a 2-day tournament last weekend, which (spoiler) I lost (or rather, placed 2nd) because in the very last order of the very last game, I got greedy, and let my opponent beat me in Frontline while I was up 100 army points.  RIP hubris.

But something else came up this week that has forced me to reprioritize how much, or whether at all, I will continue playing Infinity and therefore blogging.