Mag’s Rules for Listbuilding

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People say, “It’s not your list, it’s you.”  But that’s not really true.  You put yourself on the backfoot with an unfocused, undergunned, or skewed list.

This is part 1 of 2 of a brisk guide from the blog’s author (Magonus) to playing strong lists.  I have previously made a detailed guide for Tohaa players, but this guide is for general Infinity use.  Experienced players may make exceptions, but to new players, stick to the following rules for your first few dozen games.

If you’re brand new to Infinity, all the rules are available here, and the official list builder is here.  No codex required.


Mag’s Guide to Git Gud

Home, New Players

The second in a general 2-parter, this is my guide to “git gud”, as they say, at the game of Infinity.  For the past two years, I have been winning at least 4/5 of my games.  I do not play in official I.T.S. events as often as often as I should, but do play competitively, and I play regularly with some of the most competitive players in the northwest.  At this point, I am in a sunset period of Infinity where I am just playing for fun.

That said, I have not lost my sense of how I got to be the “boss battle”, as one player calls me.  I used to get manhandled by Hassassin Bahram and ISS―back in N2, when Hassassins and ISS were subpar armies.  That was pretty bad.

Here’s how sharpen yourself:

Advice for New Bloggers



By internet standards, I’m a nobody, but by wargaming blog standards―considering that Infinity isn’t the most popular wargame, and Tohaa is the least popular faction―I consider 250 daily views a good success.  As the blogroll expands, I notice more and more bloggers popping up (lots of you Yu Jing dudes), so I’d like to share tips over my years of Infinity blogging on what seems to work.