Tohaa 201: Listbuilding Essentials

Combos, Tactics, and Strategies

This is a simple article to new players with a 300-point Tohaa collection who are interested in a good “cover all your bases” primer on making competitive lists.


Tohaa 204: Maximizing Command

Combos, Tactics, and Strategies

Your Lieutenant, and your retention of that Lieutenant, is an important part of Infinity.  Tohaa has surged ahead in its ability to field competent Lieutenants and provide them with backup.  In this article, I discuss how you can use a few decisions to make your command structure do work for you, and make Lieutenant headhunting a headache for your foes.

Tohaa 202: Swarm vs Elite

Combos, Tactics, and Strategies

Democrat or Republican?  Labour or Tory?  Marvel or DC?  That’s right, in Infinity, Duverger’s law is alive and well.  If you have ever hurt yourself with a trip to the international forum, you have probably seen a thread or two or ten thousand on list constructions.  Most of these boil down to Swarm or Elite.   Of course, there’s a happy middle ground, but screw the centrists, right?  In this article, I discuss these two list archetypes in the unique context of Tohaa.