Kurage Crisis Repots


Being busy wrapping up Skunkworks, launching a rocket in Factorio, and moving into a new apartment, I only have time for a couple games of the Kurage Crisis this year.  But here is the post for any I can put up.  Enjoy.


Tohaa Pronunciation Guide


If you browse the English Infinity forum and the Spanish Infinity forum, you will notice that English players often misspell Tohaa names, but Spanish Tohaa players never misspell them.  I believe this is because they pronounce these names correctly.  This is an easy guide to help you say Tohaa names the right way, too.  As most language areas of the brain cross over, you will have no more trouble with Tohaa names by the end.

Grammar, Syntax, Boring Stuff


10/1/15 As you’ve noticed, this project has taken a serious backseat.  Since the Tohaa book rewrite was announced earlier this year, I decided to hold off development of this language, as I’d like it to be as in-sync as possible with whatever Tohaa tidbits Corvus Belli shares.

General syntax is essentially Latin-based:


The Stuff’s Fluff


This is the “fluff”, or story, of the language within the fictional setting of Infinity.  Please consider all work in media res, as this stuff is evolving!


The Tongue of the Tohaa.  Haavaars is both praised and scorned for its delicate and flowery affect, and some poets of Acontecimento have taken to learning the Haavaars for use in verse and choral composition.  The romanized spelling “Havarse” also is seen widely.