Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Sakiels

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The mighty Sakiel, furious avenger of injustice to the Tohaa, wielder of most dangerous rifle in the universe, and punk rocker extraordinaire.  He’s pretty much the reason you play Tohaa.
What’s there to say about our posterboys, but what we all know.


Sakiels have Symbiont Armor, BS12V: Courage, Fury, and can form Fireteams with other triadable Tohaa.  That’s pure Tohaa flavor, and really all that needs to be said.  But, you’re at the Tohaa blog, so let’s talk about each loadout:

VIRAL SAKIEL ― This is the main reason you take Sakiels.  The Viral Combi Rifle is one of the deadliest weapons in all of Infinity, able to deliver up to 8 instances of damage in one order.  No other weapon in the game has so much direct damage potential.  I recommend adding a Symbiomate from a Kaeltar here, as Viral Sakiels are worth a fair sum of points, and tend to have to get danger-close to shoot.

BASIC COMBI / NIMBUS PLUS  Nimbus Plus Grenades mightn’t get thrown often, but are a nice option to remember when the circumstance arises.  Combi rifles are only a remarkable weapon if you are Haqqislam or Ariadna, but they do a fine job for 18 points.

COMBI / NULLIFIER  If you’re running an Ectros triad, or want cover for Gorgos or Rasail peripherals, having a Nullifier option on the Sakiel is good if you’ve run out of points for more Kosuils.  As of Human Sphere, Nullifiers are easy to use, and less taxing to your SWC supply.  Personally I wish this profile was combined with the Forward Observer.

LIGHT ROCKET LAUNCHER ― Light Rocket Launchers are great.  The Tohaa players I know bring Rocket Sakiels about as often as Viral Sakiels.  Bring one of these to deal with clusters and camouflage.  Note that the Rocket Sakiel, like the Spitfire Sakiel below, forfeits Nimbus Grenades.

SPITFIRE ― The SWC cost is the primary detraction here.  While a Spitfire is remarkably less deadly than a Viral Combi, its superior range and burst make it more likely to win firefights.  A Spitfire Sakiel may be the wiser choice if you don’t expect to face lots of ALEPH or Heavy Infantry or Dogged troops.  It far outclasses the Spitfire Kamael at its price, so if you want to bring a cheap linkable Spitfire, this should be your first consideration.

FORWARD OBSERVER ― The cheapest Symbiont specialist you could ask for.  Take as many as you wish, if you prefer Forward Observers.

PARAMEDIC ― Actually a quite nice specialist.  You may not take the Sakiel Paramedic often, as Kamaels are cheaper medics, Kumotails are better medics, and Kosuils are better specialists; but 20 points for a 2-wound combatant who can also grab tournament objectives is a good deal.  Take one if you like Paramedics and don’t mind the loss of a Viral Combi.

LIEUTENANT ― Previously a very good choice, before Rasails and the Neema Saatar update.  Viral Sakiels are good because they obscure your lieutenant, but I generally wouldn’t recommend actually taking a Sakiel lieutenant in games over 150 points.

Nimbus Plus can save a Sakiel’s skin, if you are engaging an enemy fireteam.  Ideally, you should toss a Nimbus Plus Grenade before the enemy clump, and then follow up Makaul’s Flamethrower bath or an Ectros Nanopulse.  You can also use Nimbus Plus as a poor man’s smoke grenade to beat a quick evac, when Makauls die and big bads approach.

Compare these punk-rockers to a Neoterra Bolt or a Morat Raktorak, and the value of the Sakiel is positively celestial.  The only thing that may detract from your experience is bad luck, or facing opposition heavily armed with BTS-targeting weapons.



The two Sakiels that currently available are older models, and so their bodies have thin and shallow sockets for mounting their arms.  Otherwise, their wide, machísimo pose makes them easy to work on, allowing you to assemble & base & prime & paint in one go.

My main contention with the Sakiels is a lack of models.  A Sakiel with Light Rocket Launcher and standalone Viral Sakiel blister are well in order.  Even a premium-priced Sakiel SWC Box would be heartily welcomed by the community.

I rate the Sakiel 5 out of 5 Artichokes.


TL;DR Sakiels are the quintessential Tohaa unit―mobile, aggressive, competitively-priced, and armed with bioweapons and Symbiont armors for which the Tohaa faction is known.


3 thoughts on “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Sakiels

  1. Struggling to decide whether to build a Spitfire or LRL first. It will likely be a very long time before whichever I don’t build gets bought and made.

    Likely triad partners include Makaul and either a Kamael paramedic (yawn) or Viral Keesan.


    1. I would vote the LRL. Tohaa doesn’t have a lot of ranged impact template weapons, so it tends to fill a pretty big hole in Tohaa lists. I do like the Spitfire option, but we have lots of other Spitfire options. Really miss the LRL on Neema.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sometimes i want to field 6 sakiels at once. and then realise we are out of love from corvus belli for that. damn sakiel box, come one day.


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