2018 Tohaa Release Schedule (Leak!)


I don’t normally do leaks, but this leak was too juicy not to share.  Prepare to have your minds blown:


I Have No Idea what I Think About Almost Every Unit in Infinity Now



The new DataTracker rule forces you to bring a unit who has to be a model on the table, and usually either has to kill something, sit on something, or just not die.  The more I look at the ITS9 missions, the more I am rethinking all the classically “bad” choices:  Spitfire Neema, Taqeul, Ectros―and beyond Tohaa―ORCs, Dragões, Squalos, Sogarats, Overdrons, Xeodrons…gah.  What is happening?

Advice for New Bloggers



By internet standards, I’m a nobody, but by wargaming blog standards―considering that Infinity isn’t the most popular wargame, and Tohaa is the least popular faction―I consider 250 daily views a good success.  As the blogroll expands, I notice more and more bloggers popping up (lots of you Yu Jing dudes), so I’d like to share tips over my years of Infinity blogging on what seems to work.