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Kotails have become much more flexible, due to new Holoprojector Rules.  I will be rewriting this review, once I get in a new game or two to share my new thoughts on this hot boy.  Until then, my old thoughts still stand―they’re just incomplete now. 😀


People love this guy.  People who fight this guy hate this guy.  If you don’t have this guy, here’s why:

6-4 MOVEMENT ― 6-4″ (15-10cm) movement on the Kotail is a big deal.  The equal-priced Gao-Rael can, for an entire order, move the same distance that a Kotail can for half an order.  And perhaps not even that, as the Kotail has Super-Jump.  (More on that in a bit.)  On paper 6-4 movement looks like a 25% boost in movement.  Yet, as many orders in Infinity are spent to Move then Shoot, having 6-4 movement effectively increases your movement by 50%.  6-4 movement also means the Kotail is a fast crawler..

HOLOPROJECTOR — The Kotail’s holoprojector allows you to disguise your Kotail by projecting dummy Kotails, or by pretending to be a different unit entirely.  The dummy Kotails can’t fight, but they do misdirect your enemy’s shots.  Holoprojecting as another unit entirely isn’t always a safe bet, but a Kotail can get good mileage by pretending to be a Chaksa around other Chaksa or Nikouls.

SUPER-JUMP — This is one of the simplest skills with the funnest tactical uses.  Super-Jump, combined with the Kotail’s 6-4 movement, means you can get over almost all obstacles with comical speed.  Super-Jump also essentially negates all fall damage, allowing the Kotail to Neo himself right off a skyscraper.

SYMBIONT — Like most Tohaa symbiont troopers, to have Symbiont armor instead of “true” 2 wounds means that the Kotail is less expensive than it would be if it were an equivalent model with simply 2 wounds in its profile.

COURAGE — Having an analog switch on whether your Kotail will stand ground or cower down gives you key control.  And the Kotail retains the Courage skill even if wounded, unlike the Rasail.

NOT IMPETUOUS — I’d call this a feature.  Units with a Kotail cocktail are usually Impetuous, which is bad news if you want to win firefights.  If you have tactical dexterity and a dash of luck, Kotails are outstanding for their price, for being both Regular and Not Impetuous.

Any single attribute on the Kotail isn’t its unique selling point, but the combination of control, mobility, misdirection, and respectable weaponry has led to the Kotail being


Not really.  Remember that your Kotail loses his goodies if he suffers a wound.  But the Kotail is quite powerful, and certainly one of the most unique units in Infinity.  I’d like to illustrate some tactics that the Kotail can execute that (as yet) no other Tohaa trooper can do:

As yet, no other Tohaa trooper has Super-Jump.  This allows strikes against prone foes and other lurkers that otherwise only a superior sniper nest could seize.  And remember that cover must occlude 30% of a model:  although an airborne Kotail is denied cover, you can also deny cover to enemies by the extreme angles that vertical jumps permit.


Mines and CrazyKoalas must detonate when they are able.  Since Holoprojectors are valid targets, you can send the Kotail’s dummy projections sprinting past mines and other nuisances, safely and harmlessly detonating them.


Several Kotail loadouts include E/M Grenades.  With the Kotail’s mobility, it’s very easy to position yourself safely for a speculative throw.  A Kotail paired with a Clipsos Forward Observer, or as a Forward Observer himself, or just trusting his trusty PH12, can deliver great attacks against Avatars, Cutters, Heavy Infantry Fireteams, or other problem TAGs and HI that Tohaa must face.


No other Symbiont has camouflage or a marker state.  Come the HSN3 book, Kotails will gain Surprise Shot, allowing them to make better use of their weapons and Symbiobombs you have them armed with.  We don’t know how totally Holoprojector equipment will change, but we do know it will pick up Surprise Shot in the next rulebook, according to the recent Mayacast with Bostria.


A Lieutenant option would be welcome on Kotails, as their mobility and Holoprojector can protect them quite well.  Kotails should be a good options for Symbiomates and Symbiobombs, but the current rules on Deployables mean that adding a symbiobuddy gives away your Kotail.  This may change when the next Human Sphere book introduces Surprise Shot to Holoprojector and further modifies the rules.  Until then, I wouldn’t advise you to use symbiobuddies on Kosuils, as it defeats the purpose of the expensive Holoprojector L2.

Have fun, but use Kotails with care.




Kotails are really, really easy to assemble.  No odd fins or antenna or damn bitch bastard knee horn buggery to drown your fingers in superglue.  If you like the hip Top Gun jackets on Rasails and Kaeltars, they are here for your painting pleasure.  The stances are pretty wide, and it’s not hard to poke your brush into their gaps and cracks.

My contention on the Kotail miniatures that by far the most popular Kotail (the Forward Observer) has no model and no good conversion aside from the Gao-Tarsos, who also has no Dual Combi loadout, and is therefore an expensive conversion to make.

I rate the Kotail 4 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR Kotails are amazing, but not unstoppable.  A Kotail must be at once aggressive but careful, performing amazing tricks and heroics at great risk to his value.


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