Tohaa 105: Support Network

Basics of Tohaa

It’s quite possible to play a reckless Tohaa army who doesn’t care about casualties―but you may be missing out.  Tohaa has competent casualty maintenance units, and it’s often wise including a strong selection of support units to indirectly assist your campaign of planetary conquest.


Tohaa 104: Tohaa Soloists

Basics of Tohaa

Tohaa has a growing selection of soloists who can do things our signature Triads often can’t.  Rather than discussing each Tohaa soloist alone, in this article, I discuss the various overarching roles in which our Tohaa soloists excel.

Tohaa 101: The Introduction

Basics of Tohaa

So, you are starting Infinity, and you chose Tohaa has your faction.  Well done!  We may be the redheaded stepchild of Infinity, but don’t be misled:  The Tohaa is an effective and aggressive faction, and as many jokes as folks make about their artichoke heads and unusual style, the Tohaa are nothing to be laughed in gameplay.