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Nobody wants to read it.  I didn’t want to write it.  But it must be done:  The review that nobody should ask for.




Boring unit of horrible boringness.  Tohaa is bristling with diverse, exciting troops like Kaauri, Kotails, Symbiobeasts, and Igaos.  And plucky, effective troops like Sakiels, Sukeuls, and Ectros.  And the Kamael?  The Kamael is the thing you reach for when you have to have a third triad unit, but can’t shell out six points for a Sakiel instead.  Triads are the only thing making the Kamael worth your time.

I mean, who would want a Sakiel?  Sakiels only get V: Courage, Nimbus Plus Grenades, +1 Ballistic Skill, +1 Close Combat, +1 Armor, and +1 Wound.  Ha ha.  What a shitty deal for six points!


Seriously, there are occasions where your Kamael Paramedic is a better choice than the clearly better Sakiel Paramedic.  Some quick examples would be to upgrade a Rasail or Taqeul with a Viral Combi, or to tack two Servants to a Kumotail, or to give an HMG to a Gao-Tarsos.  Here’s my thoughts on the individual profiles:

Combi Rifle ― The vanilla profile really has no place in ITS lists, except for “true” direction-action missions like Frontline or Annihilation.  If you play YAMS or 20×20, you might get more use out of this profile.

Spitfire ― As a gunner, this a demonstrably inferior choice to a Sakiel.  The direct combat stats of the Sakiel make this profile an extreme opportunity cost.  The Spitfire Kamael needs to be combined with a Specialist, or get an MSV1 or X-Visor, to be a relevant choice in the context of the whole army.

Light Grenade Launcher ― Since Human Sphere removed the intolerable old Long Skill prohibition from fireteams, this profile is a wise choice if you want to use indirect fire.  It is also a decent ARO gun, since grenades ignore Cover.

Sniper Rifle ― I actually miss it when the sniper was priced with an 0.5 SWC tax, instead of the current 1 pt tax.  Low in SWC, high in points, the Kamael Sniper is a good unit to spam by the double or triple as a throwaway ARO stumbling block.  However, it is largely ineffective against camouflage units and superunits.

White Hacker Device ― A Kamael Hacker is often a good choice for ITS missions which favor hackers, but it is not to be overlooked for triads in general.  By being able to ignore Surprise mods within hackable areas, the Kamael Hacker acts a pseudo-Kaauri defender to its triad.  I’d strongly recommend bringing a White Hacker Kamael if at least 2 of the following apply:  (1) you know that the scenario encourages Hackers, (2) you know that there will be lots of rifle-range light camo enemies, (3) you are bringing Ectros, or (4) you are bringing Gao-Tarsos.

Forward Observer ― Almost never actually a forward observing, almost always an ITS specialist.  Seconded perhaps only to:

Paramedic ― Good specialist, and boringest of the boring.  My #1 personal choice for Kamaels.

Lieutenant ― A bog-standard light infantry lieutenant.  A good choice in small games, but in normal 300-point, you’d better bring a better WIP13 lieutenant or a lieutenant with better WIP.


The Kamaels out of the starter box are all the Kamaels you will need.  However, there are a couple good reasons for buying the Kamael SWC box.  The first is for WYSIWYG.  The second is conversions.  The SWC box was one of the first purchases I considered when I began Tohaa, and it took me about a year to decide to buy it.  I mainly only wanted a Sniper and one or two more Kamael fillers, and the Kamael Hacking Device is an ugly-ass sculpt.

Inkling became dollars paid when I decided to buy a second Clipsos Sniper to do an armswap to gain a “shotgun”.  The Hacking Device became a Nullifier, and the Spitfire Kamael became my Gorgos Pilot.  Dude Kamael Sniper was cut up and greenstuffed the for a reactive crouched pose.  The goo-arm Kamael doubles as a Paramedic and Hacker.  I experimented with having my guns glow green on these guys, but that’s probably the last time I’ll do that on my Tohaa.

So playbility aside, I do recommend Kamael SWC Box and Hatail for Tohaa conversions.

I rate the Kamael 1 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  If I can give 5-star rating to something, I have to give 1-star ratings to something.  Even old Gorgos is cooler than Kamaels these days.  Only take Kamaels when necessary.

AD NAUSEUM  I think Sakiels return to being Impetuous, instead of Frenzy, to make the choice between Kamael and Sakiel more of a *choice*.


11 thoughts on “Kamael Review

  1. All my guys’ guns glow green. 😦
    Mostly agree with everything in this article. Kamael’s only make it into my lists when I can’t fit in something better, usually as a paramedic to help revive the more useful Symbionts. No plans to ever buy the SWC box either.

    Side-note: hard to keep track of what’s new on your site as it never seems to quite place them in chronological order. Is there a different sort scheme in place?


    1. That may be where I was inspired to try glowing guns. I don’t think it’s a bad idea–my Bakunin guns will probably glow, and if I ever do Combined Army, everything will glow. But as I tend to loud, high-contrast colors, and I’m not a very clean nor skilled printer, the glow came off to me as visual noise.

      I didn’t post anything last month, so you missed nothing. Posts here are published chronologically, but I do make use of stickies; 1-4 get stickied and rotated up. Stickies don’t affect the category tabs though, so everything there is strictly chronological.

      RIP your blog. 😦


      1. “Bright” scifi is all about bright guns! 😛

        No blog has given me more time to play Fallout instead, so that’s nice. Though I do miss ranting on the same old subjects.

        Current deep thought if I had a blog: Is all the focus on MDF terrain at events actually healthy for Infinity and CB?
        Other players queried said yes, but at NOVA, CB admitted being concerned. Problem is the amount of money that gets spent for Infinity, but on other companies’ terrain rather than CB’s own miniatures. While sales are still good, they know they’re losing out on a lot due to how Infinity was designed, being a small skirmish game that requires a disproportionately large amount of terrain to be played.
        Two observations being that, at Gencon, a person would spend $100 picking up Red Veil, then $200+ for several Warsenal kits to play on. And TOs advertising their big tournaments, as there often isn’t much to discuss about Infinity as it directly pertains to that event, usually instead focused on showcasing all their nice MDF terrain from those other sponsors.
        The uneasy joke was that Infinity had become better at advertising that other terrain rather than being the other way around as they had hoped. And a big issue is that there’s not much they can do about it either without adversely affecting the large part of their community that now supports all those other companies as well.


      2. Hmm, well I don’t know what to say to that, except that CB should buck up and produce their own terrain, if they lament losing money to their partners. I don’t look at the numbers, but I see far more players with models than terrain. I have bought enough for a table of my own, and I’ll probably get more in the future, but in my experience most players aren’t willing to buy more than tokens and a bit of scatter. The guys who got me into Infinity had been playing wargames for years, and all they brought to my place to play Infinity was a few unpainted foam core buildings and a bunch of literal garbage to fill the space on my big table. Several of these guys made far more money than I do, so it wasn’t like they couldn’t afford it. And I have a hard time believing that the great body of players is more like the Gencon attendees than the average joes who introduced me to Infinity. So yeah, Corvus Belli should buy and learn to operate a laser cutter, or buy out a small company who’s already doing it. I know they’re competent and profitable enough to pick up a related industry. (Shrug, I’d probably be more sympathetic if I personally knew anyone from CB…)


      3. I’m not really sympathetic either – I want to be, but Bostria was a truly Awful guest and their support left a comparatively very weak impression at NOVA. Rant for another time, but CB really needs to improve how they approach convention patrons who aren’t already Infinity fans. (step 1: fire Bostria)
        Anyways, I suppose I see why this hadn’t seemed like an issue to them before now, what with the first 7+ years concentrating just to get Infinity to finally take off and while most of these companies have also only recently popped up these past few years as well.
        As they are now, though, I wouldn’t think it’s a bad idea if they figured out a way to offer their own options for everything that would be needed to play their game. Even something as “simple” as a complete-table-in-a-box set of paper terrain that’s a $50 evolved version of those scenery packs, with an objective room, sniper tower, barricades, etc. Similar to what DzC made years ago.

        The specific joke about selling more terrain than minis was meant in regards to more than just those who play Infinity. For instance, it came up at NOVA, where most spectator comments in the Infinity hall were was about the terrain rather than gameplay or miniatures, if simply due to how predominant the terrain needs to be for the game just to work.
        Honestly, I’d rather use Icestorm terrain on most tables to help readjust the focus, but even using just one Icestorm table last year got a number of complaints in the feedback survey.

        Also, as a contrast, here locally, I think most people I know – except for those who play at the LGS where the Baltimore Brawl is being held – do own their own set of Infinity terrain. The other LGSes don’t really support Infinity beyond letting us use their tables so you kinda have to own terrain if you want to have something to play on regardless of who’s able to show. And, of course, Bostria’s comment may have just been pandering to us with our situation instead of referring to a general overall, but who knows with him.


    1. This comment took me by left field as well. I have been puzzling how to respond.
      First, I think it is quite clear that Bostria is a great “face” to the English community. The only complaints I have heard of him hitherto are of his accent. But if, behind the scenes, he is a presumptuous douchebag, I suppose I could believe it. I have seen a couple things from Bostria which were unprofessional. One time, there was a thread from a newer players asking a seemingly very genuine question, and Bostria replied, “Troll, córtate,” meaning, “Shut up, troll.” The other time was when the Spanish Tohaa players, like all Tohaa players, were languishing over the lameness of Tohaa year, Bostria responded, “Quit whining, and buy another box of Kaeltars.” Kaeltars, which are 2 in the box and are AVA:2.
      That is the only lifting of the veil I have seen. Otherwise “fire Bostria” would take me by complete surprise.


    2. …………well then that is new. I left the game thinking it would still retain its identity by the the time I finish my studies. But if the company is starting to become this dickish simply because of their recent success I guess I should start looking at other games now.


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