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Aelis Keesan.  She’s pretty.  She’s expensive.  She’s one of the most robust tools a Tohaa player can have.  And she’s obsolete.

You might consider finding a Combined Army player to split the Dire Foes box with you, to get Aelis.  If not, any lady Kamael should make a great proxy. Given the high box cost of getting Aelis, she’s definitely one to proxy before purchase.


I used this Trident starter Kamael dame as Aelis for the longest time.  We finally had a Shasvastii player join us at Mox, so I bought the Dire Foes for Aelis and the Hazmat, and swapped Corax Hasht for a beer.


Aelis is an outstanding Tohaa toolbox―really.  A good rifle, a template weapon, anti-material capability, above-average-Willpower specialist, and a Sensor mean she can do just about anything.  I couldn’t upsell her Sensor enough―auto-discovering everything with a roasty Makaul followup is a one-two punch I’ve used ad infinitum.

Aelis is a mix of Tohaa arsenal, PanO ballistic skill, Haqq willpower, Morat physique, and Ariadnan hacking.   She’s really not deficient in anything.  But she has just 1 wound, and at 30+ points—especially in the Tohaa context—that makes her a hard sell.  The main selling point you should consider, if you’re going to pay for her, is her ability to put a Sensor in a triad.

The unfortunate thing about Aelis is our strong Kosuil steps on Keesan’s toes.  One of the (former) best reasons to take Aelis was her value for ITS scenarios and her anti-material weaponry.  Tohaa is a bit underarmed in that department.  Aelis can do so at range with her K1, which was her niche until the Kosuil.  The Kosuil is even a WIP14 specialist, which was also an Aelis niche.  Her Viral Combi is a good choice, too, but a Viral Combi on a cheap 2-wound Sakiel is too tempting.

I would recommend Aelis Keesan particularly to new Tohaa owners who came from Haqqislam or Nomads, who are used to elite light infantry with an answer for everything.

EDIT 3/9/17
Power creep is a bitch.  Aelis was a perennial.  But I now recommend to avoid her.  The Kosuil outclassed Aelis, then the Sukeul outclassed her again.  She has two major sources of dead weight:
The first is Regeneration.  Like the Taqeul, and most other models in Infinity who have Regeneration or Automedikit, the skill is expensive bloat.  She would actually be cheaper with Symbiont Armor and MSV1, for example, in the current pricing.
The other dead weight is the Defensive Hacking Device.  This was a useful tool in a triad in Second Edition, but in the current edition, it just makes Aelis fodder for Killer Hackers who are now everywhere.
I would fix Aelis currently by reducing her Defensive Hacking Device to Forward Observer, reduce Regeneration to Shock Immunity, reduce her PH to 11, and remove D-Charges.  This would adjust her cost to down to 22 points for the Viral version, and 21 points for the K1 version.  She would be therefore worth more consideration against the Sakiel, Sukeul, and Kosuil.


The Dire Foes box is little more complicated than any other Infinity miniature, though it does come with some nice artwork and unique missions.  Aelis was quite easy to assemble, and I enjoy using the Hazmat she came with as an HVT for ITS or civvie for YAMS missions.


I quite enjoyed painting her, the hair tentacles were a nice changeup over traditional artichoke heads. But—the asymmetry of the arm tube on only one arm drives me batty. I might take one of my extra Chaksa ammo chains and tack in onto her right arm because OCD.

To what Aelis represents as a model, she inexplicably has 3 pistols sculpted on her, and Starwarsian tentacle hair that may be best explained as a biotech-grafted sensor.  As all female Tohaa, she point primary weapon points uselessly into the clouds―but is otherwise a lovely sculpt.

I rate Aelis Keesan 1 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  Waste of money.  Though a good combatant and valuable specialist, Keesan’s high price and vulnerability will dissuade players from choosing Aelis over a Kosuil or Sukeul.

AD NAUSEAM  Context matters:  Before the Sukeul, I rated Aelis 3/5.  Before the Kosuil, I would have rated Aelis 4/5 or 5/5.  Power creep is an acute concern for me with Infinity.  I’m interested to see what the coming rulebooks offer, and I hope continued balance is the goal.


6 thoughts on “Aelis Keesan Review

  1. Given that in HSN3 you don’t leave the Fireteam after spending a Long Skill, did your opinion on Aelis change? I liked the idea of placing her into a triad with Sakiel Paramedic to try out the Triangulated Fire + Nimbus Plus shenanigans. I thought she would fit perfectly in my list for Limited Insertion Rescue scenario.


    1. Thanks for the comment, I hadn’t realized this post was obsolete.

      But no, my opinion has not much changed. The Kosuil already outclassed her, to my mind. The Sukeul then outclassed the Kosuil. You’re going to find far more occasions to use the Sukeul as-is than Aelis with Nimbus or other shenanigans.


  2. Now that Aelis has been updated and is packing a KHD, has your opinion changed on Aelis at all? Just the other day, I was thinking about her utility since the update, and I figured that she would be useful in a triad with Neema or Ectros to defend against hackers, or as anti-hacker support for the Gorgos (albeit quite expensive). Do you think she is useful now, or is she still obsolete in your opinion?

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    1. This reminds me, I need to rewrite a bunch of these reviews.

      Aelis is both better and worse than people are reacting to her, as far as I can tell. On the one hand, she is a 29/30-point WIP14 Hacker specialist that will go down in one good hit (and possibly die), when we have comparable WIP14 specialists for that price or lower (Kosuils, Kaeltars) or a better specialist for 2 points more (Sukeul). The Sakiel is a better Viral gunner and the Kosuil/Sukeul is a better K1 gunner. She cannot Cybermask without eject herself from a triad. She cannot use Pheroware. Regeneration is a decent skill for new players, but veterans do not waste their time with it.

      On the other hand, Aelis is the one and only Sensor+Killer Hacker in the game. What this means is that she is uniquely equipped to murder valuable specialists like Zeroes, Nagas, Posthuman MkIIs and Ninjas in enemy infiltration. She will require a cagey player to use right, but she is no longer (relative) crap to the Tohaa army. I have not tried the new Aelis yet, but I bet she would get a 2 or 3 out of 5.


      1. Cool. Do you know what makes her so expensive? I know regeneration will inflate the price of any unit, and I expect sensor to do so as well, but her price to me still seems much higher than it should be. I think it should be around the low 20s, but I don’t know CB’s formula for points (although from what I gather, its been acting a bit weird lately). She’d probably be much more used if her price tag wasn’t so steep.

        Other than that, I think I’d take her in a list based on what I expect to be going against and if I think she’s going to pay off, but other than that, I’d still go Sakiel, Sukeul, or Kosuil if I don’t absolutely need the KHD; I can get sensor from a flamer Chaksa.


      2. The formula has been weird recently; Breaker Combis and Combi+Light Shotguns, for example, are varying by about two points, depending on the profile.

        She’s actually discounted, if you can believe it. It’s just than Corvus Belli’s formula scales horribly on 1-wound units.


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