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Here’s my thoughts on Gorgos, after having played with the girl since Human Sphere gave her a boost.  Yep, Gorgos is a girl.  Lots has changed, though Gorgos is still a dude for me, since I converted my Spitfire Kamael dude to be its pilot.  You can read my old Gorgos archived here.


The Gorgos was once the laughingstock of the entire Infinity community.  It was a “TAG” with all of the penalties, and zero of the benefits.  Has it changed?

Well, yes!  Lots.  Kinda.  Not really.

Gorgos is still not a “good” TAG–and I recommend new players stay the hell away from it–but Gorgos is much less of a total bummer.  The recent changes slightly upped his Armor to ARM7, made his Spitfire more TAGworthy by giving it rare (for us) AP ammunition, and contextually made him better by increasing the effectiveness of revised Symbiomates and Symbiobombs.  New tools like the Kaauri and Taquel make it easier to keep him alive.
sep.gifHowever… Gorgos still has tough competition for your points.  Rasails became cheaper.  Ectros became cheaper.  Sakiels became cheaper.  Sukeuls became a thing.  Context is crucial when considering the value of a faction’s option, and just like the Mutan Kerail, the Gorgos Squad faces tough, tough competition.
sep.gifAdditionally, the Gorgos was not without losses:  One of the largest selling points of the Gorgos was its double Flammenspeer, making it a highly effective murderer of light fireteams.  It can still fulfill that role, but it is not as excellent a light fireteam hunter as it was before.  The Flammenspeer functions more as a one-off Panzerfaust ARO tool, than the dual rocket function as before.  This is particularly galling, considering the Flammenspeer fluff still says the Tohaa Flammenspeer is a dual-launch platform.
sep.gifFurthermore―and this is the biggest to me―the Gorgos used to retain its full points value, even at Inactive Symbiont.  No more.  It drops to 0 just like any old TAG.  And in the broader context of Infinity, the new ALIVE rules for TAGs allow pilots and ancillary pilot bots to eject and complete objectives.  The Gorgos Pilot picked up the Specialist skill, but since Gorgos is a Symbiont TAG, you cannot eject the Gorgos Pilot out like every other TAG.  Well―you can.  But she can’t get back in.  And this thing still loses its TAG profile to fire, even if it doesn’t straight die.  The Gorgos’ Peripheral downgraded to WIP11, but then, so did the Rasail’s Peripheral.


Are these new cons worse than the pros?  That’s up to you.  To me, the biggest weakness in the old Gorgos was a toss-up between our TAG being a fire pussy, and it having an offendingly unremarkable gun.  Both of those were mitigated with new Symbiont rules, new ARM7, and new AP Spitfire―and that’s enough for me to make Gorgos a happier choice than before.


This is a very direct model to build, and has nice big smooth and muscled surfaces to flex your airbrush skills that I don’t have.  I kept my Gorgos fairly canon, although I painted him with dominant green highlights so that the model echoes the unit logo.



I recommend pinning the limbs, as even after extensive cleaning, scoring, and gluing, they still popped out.  Also, note that the tiny biotube on the right (left?) arm may have trouble fitting―mine certainly did.  The shoulder took some sanding in order for the elbow to bend far enough back to fit in the biotube.

I rate the Gorgos 2 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  Still terrible, but not so terribly unplayable as the original.

AD VICTORIAM  Still never lost Gorgos.  It’s braved N2’s Auxilia, dodged Naffatûn, killed an engaging Oniwaban, and chopped two Shikami in close combat.

AD FINDUM  4/9/17 Gorgos finally died!  To an irregular Keisotsu Paramedic. XD
O Brave Keisotsu.  It was meant to be.

AD NAUSEUM  I must emphatically reaffirm that Corvus Belli fixed Symbiont Armor in the precisely wrong way.  Symbiont troopers should be incapped by Fire at 1 Active Symbiont wound, but not at 2 or higher Active Symbiont wounds.  In this way, our basic Symbionts deserve their discount, and our TAGs and HI are still vulnerable to Fire, but only after they are already wounded.


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