Guesswork: The Next Heavy Infantry


There are currently a couple new discussions on the forum now mulling over our possible future new TAG or pheroware hacker.  We have seen Corahtar L1, Pheroware, and the native Pheroware skill on the Kaauri, but as of yet, we have not seen Corahtar L2 to give us the whole package.  Now, I am as curious as the next artichoke to see what our new “phacker” will be, but it occurred to me tonight that the next platform to receive it might coincide with the allusions of new Heavy Infantry from the Ectros fluff.

Guesswork: The Next List Resource


The resources that exist that allow you to build armies in Infinity are Points, Special Weapons Cost, “SWC”; and Availability, “AVA”.  However, given the types of options and restrictions that exist in Infinity, I think there may be room in the future for a fourth army resource.  This is a pure game theory article, as I consider what might be if, down the road in Infinity, Corvus Belli introduced something like “CRC”, Command Resource Cost.


Tohaa and the Changing Meta of Infinity


Like the Third Edition book that it has built upon, the new Human Sphere changes a lot.  Subtly, drastically.  Freshly swole with pride from some of my more astute Infinity predictions, I have a few thoughts about these literally game-changing updates, and the future of the Tohaa and Infinity metagame.