Kumotail Review

Miniature Reviews

Well, we’ve gone through all the cool stuff―what’s left to scrape through?


Oh yeah!  Here’s the review for the most exciting Tohaa unit.

What a gal, what a gal!  22 points, a Doctor, and an Engineer, at WIP14!  What more could you ask for!


Well―I guess a lot of little things.  Looking at the Kosuil, you could ask for Symbiont armor.  Looking at the Kerail, you could ask for faster movement.  Looking at the Paramedics, you could ask for more drastic healing.  Looking at our faction, you could ask for some robots to justify that Engineer skill.  Looking at other factions―well, don’t do that.

The Kumotail is sure better than some other doctors out there, given her Fireteam: Triad skill.  The “problem” with the Kumotail is the “problem” with Aelis Keesan.  Tohaa just has a lot of good options now, and there isn’t often a great reason to bring the Kumotail.  No interesting equipment or skills, and an overwhelmingly underwhelming combatant, she’s unexciting but acceptable in every aspect.


Her Chaksa Servants are nice, but noticeably slow compared to other helperbots in Infinity, and slow compared to other Chaksa.  That’s the big detraction for me.  Still, you may find Chaksa Servants engrossingly useful due to their ability to go prone, as standard “REM” servants cannot.   But Chaksa Servants are Silhouette 2, which means that by default, they will be larger targets than Silhouette 1 REM helperbots of other factions.

Another use that Chaksa can consume is being Burst bait.  With PH12 and Mimetism, and rock-bottom price, you can get great use of Servants simply to draw fire of enemies.  If an enemy runs up close, order your Servant to Engage to clog them up for the rest of their turn.  Servants are also useful for Alerting the rest of the army.  Note that using Servants with the Kumotail will break her from triads, so linking her or servicing her will basically be an either/or in your listbuilding.

The best thing to say about the Kumotail is that Yashia cosplayed her.



Both the Kumotail and the Chaksas are pretty easy to work on.  Their poses don’t occlude important bits, allowing you to assemble & paint in one go.  Even a novice should be able to drybrush the Chaksa’s spines to great effect.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of conversion options with the Kumotail herself, as her left hand is sculpted onto her hip.

The Chaksas ended up being some of my favorite models and were fun to paint.  And the Kumotail has lots of sweeping, plain surfaces, and isn’t smothered in buckles and notches to paint, like many other Tohaa troopers are.

I rate the Kumotail 2 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  The Kumotail fine, but she is not a particularly important piece in the Tohaa army.

AD NAUSEUM  My pocket fix for the Kumotail would to replace her basic profile with an SMG option for 0 | 16, and a Combi & Pheroware: Revitalis option for 0.5 | 23.


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