Hi guys!

Normally I don’t ask my readers to help with activism, haha.  Who am I?  I’m just a manchild with a blog, haha.  I love MLP and Steven Universe just like any average guy.  But I don’t think I can continue to support Infinity, if Infinity keeps supporting problematic people.


This blogger is a well-known racist and sexist.  He has helped to make the official forum a toxic place for women and other minorities.  Fortunately, he was banned from playing publicly in the Seattle area where he lives, which is a really inclusive, welcoming, progressive city and I’m glad it happened.


That’s more shares than that shitlord deserves. I hope only 5 people actually like his shitty blog!  I’m still fuming that they even thought to give a platform to such a bigoted, violent, deplorable person.


I bet he’s single.  I bet he lives in his mom’s basement.  I bet he works a dead-end job, and that’s why he takes out his aggression on women and Muslims.

I bet he voted for these fascists!


This is unacceptable.  Please join me in asking CB to punish or fire their social media coordinator for supporting hate, misogyny, islamophobia, and capitalism.  Please boycott their products until they take down these posts.  We can’t allow intolerance in our community.

Boycott Lonely Artichoke.  #boycottla  #boycottcb


14 thoughts on “#boycottla

      1. Lol. Goddamn that Artichoke and his systemic oppression. I bet his blog is receiving nearly 30% more views than a female blogger and Tohaa strategist of the same status! I bet he’s also the reason that Corvus Belli keeps making all those disgusting anime waifu bait female sculpts!

        What a monster! /s


  1. Cool you’ve been noticed by CB, your articles are really great !!
    Please keep doing great things like this blog !



  2. Pro-brexit artichoke player just here to give you a thumbs up and a nod 😀

    Enjoy your blogs a ton and honestly been invaluable to me as I started the game with Tohaa, Congrats on being featured 😀

    I am glad the amount of white knight nu-males mithering is relatively low in infinity, they do pop up and try, but CB giving literally no fucks about your snowflake opinion seems to convey they can’t bully their artists into changing what they do for the sake of their fee-fees.


    1. Disgusting nazi. The best way to liberate women is to make everyone feel bad about sexy women. Funny that Britain colonized the third world but is upset about being colonized by the third world.

      When Trump makes a trade deal with Britain, I won’t even eat your biscuits.


    1. Thank you kindly for the compliments, Sebastian. However, I feel obligated to make clear that I am against this politicization of Infinity. For one, this is not the first entertainment medium to be invaded by “social justice” evangelists. There is precedent for this aggression.

      But the other is simply ideological self-defense. The activists are the aggressors here. As I said in to thread that got me banned, I oppose Islam, but I don’t make a point of opposing Islam in the game. That’s because it’s a game, and I believe the designers can do what they want. And I don’t go around suggesting that individuals are problematic for playing the game, or for playing the Islamic faction in particular, or for failing to oppose the Islamic faction and denounce its designers or denounce their supporters with me. But if I was the same as these leftist activists, that’s exactly what I would be doing. I am an atheist, but I do not need Christianity expunged from PanO to enjoy PanO. Do you see the difference? And these activists will inevitably succeed if they meet no resistance. As an easy example, Corvus Belli’s original design for knights was the historical one; that is, exclusively male. However, because several hundred people have relentlessly called Corvus Belli problematic sexist bigot misogynists, Gutier has since backtracked and said that they would consider female knights. Wulvers were also originally designed as exclusively male, but the bigot-sniffers changed that, too. This “equality” fetish, of course, is not applied to Reverends and Riot GRRLs. The reason for that is clear–the point is not “equality”, but punitive measures against males who should feel ashamed of their “problematic” male “privilege” and “power fantasy”.

      Well, I think that’s bullshit, and I won’t stand for it. The fact that these activists would ban me in the name of inclusivity and tolerance, demonstrates the hipocrisy and stupidity we always surmised they represent.

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  3. Not gonna lie, former blog lurker here. This is fucking hilarious watching the Artichoke crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can’t let this guy get the Army Builder codes! I’m a #TriumvirateTorpedo now


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