Big List O’ Infinity Blogs


Since the tragic death of the Wayward Warcor, I have been (re)collecting a big list of blogs and channels relating to Infinity.  Hit Ctrl-F to find a blog of your topics or factions.  If you want pure Infinity blogs, I recommend clicking on the link, as many of these were pulled from that thread, but many linked below cover much more than just Infinity.  YouTube battle report channels and non-English blogs are under their own categories below.

Here’s my advice for new bloggers.  If you know another creator who needs a plug, or want to plug yourself, or have a correction on an existing plug, comment below.  We bloggers are hungry dogs for comments.  Non-English sites are fine.

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Recently added (03/15/2018)

ALEPH Loves You

The Tabletop Shogun

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Teslarod just started this blog, and doesn’t have much content, but I expect it will soon be filled with the plainchants of PanOceania.
Topics:  tacticas
Factions:  PanOceania

Lee of 2Screens showcases lots of high-quality paintjobs with high-quality photos, as well as a couple of posts about tactics, lists, and terrain.  He does really excellent brushwork.
Topics:  newbies, painting, terrain, other wargames
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

2+ Tough
I met Doug and introduced him to his first-ever Infinity game, and sadly haven’t played with him since.  He runs a blog covering a couple wargames, and has a good series of articles about fast scratch-built terrain.
Topics:  newbies, painting, terrain, other wargames
Factions:  ALEPH

8obman is a very active blogger, with lots of detailed battle reports and game theory articles.
Topics:  newbies, battle reports, tacticas
Factions:  Yu Jing

ADD: A Gaming Experience
Warcor dfleetw ran a blogspot blog under the name Sand, File, Sharpen, but his header winks at the ADD as you can see.   It hasn’t been active in a while, but dfleetw still is.  He explains basing, painting, and some basic scratchbuilt creations, with up-close photos of near-canon colors.
Topics:  painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying, unboxings, other wargames
Factions:  Nomads

ALEPH Loves You
Sylverin found me first, but here’s his blog―”ALEPH Loves You”.  True to the name, this blog is a loveletter about ALEPH and its mighty units.   He hasn’t posted since last year, but then, neither has CB for ALEPH.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas, reviews & previews, general nonsense
Factions:  ALEPH

Angry Clown
Another new blog by the friendliest Turk ever, Perseus.  Angry Clown covers Nomads, and of that, chiefly Bakunin.  Still waiting for that Tohaa blog…
Topics:  newbies, tacticas, reviews & previews
Factions:  Nomads

The Art Of Victory
My friend Noel recently restarted blogging, currently detailing clever uses of Yu Jing troops.  He’s one of my most competent and crafty opponents.
Topics:   tacticas
Factions:  Yu Jing

Audun’s Waaaagh!
Audun runs a blog that was previously dominantly about Games Workshop stuff, and is more these days covering his Kazaks and Haqqislam forces.  He’s a military history graduate, and really enjoys everything Russian in wargaming.
Topics:  newbies, painting, other wargames
Factions:  Ariadna, Haqqislam

The Bastion
The Bastion appears to no longer be active, but there is still a good resource of custom missions and tips about running your own leagues.
Topics:   community & leagues, alternative rules, other wargames
Factions:  PanOceania

Bell of Lost Souls
Bell of Lost Souls is a very big and very old wargaming website.  They are most certainly not an “Infinity blog”, but they have many good articles on Infinity rules and tactics, and hobbying in general.
Topics:   news, newbies, community & leagues, tacticas, tournaments, podcasts, art, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying, alternative rules
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Black Dragon Rises
My good forum friend Perseus recently launched a Yu Jing army and a blog thereof.  He has already hammered out a host of articles on the faction, with the most charming secondhand English you’ll ever read.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas, reviews & previews
Factions:  Yu Jing

This DeviantART account is full of pop drawings of various Infinity characters and other media.
Topics:  art
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Nomads, Mercs, ALEPH

Captain Spud
Captain Spud is really, really amazing.  You’ve probably seen his award-winning Pokémon Tohaa.  You’ve probably used his Hacking Helper.  You should check out his blog.
Topics:  newbies, art, painting, conversions & hobbying
Factions:  Tohaa

Chad the Terrain Guy
This chad made brilliant Infinity terrain.  He hasn’t posted in years but you may still be interested to read his how-tos and look at his pictures.
Topics:  terrain, conversions & hobbying

Chronowraith’s Corner
Chronowraith is a blogger out of the UK who, like many, has covered Warhammer and other games, but he also has a breadth of articles about his Nomads and Morat forces, along with several how-tos for new players.
  newbies, community & leagues, tournaments, terrain, other wargames
Factions:  Nomads, Combined Army

Crits Kill People
Tevesh runs Crits Kill People, one of the oldest and biggest Infinity (and Batman) blogs on the web.  They have a massive range of topics, and are great at keeping up-to-date on spoilers and teasers about Infinity publications and releases.
Topics:  news, tacticas
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, ALEPH

Data-Sphere is the biggest independent Infinity blog on the net.  On the official forum, I’ve butted heads with a couple of the Data-Sphere editors, but outside of the official channels, Data-Sphere is the most comprehensive site on Infinity.  Data-Sphere also hosts the increasingly popular 20×20 mission system, which is well worth your while to try.  Definitely check out their game wiki.
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tacticas, tournaments, podcasts, art, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying, alternative rules
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

The Dice Abide
This big blog features several authors covering many games, but Infinity is the primary focus.  Adam’s 101 articles are great for new players looking for a primer on basic Infinity interactions, like camo markers and template weapons.  He’s a big fan of USArf and Onyx.
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tacticas, tournaments, painting, conversions & hobbying, other wargames
Factions:  Ariadna, Combined Army

Dulydude’s Shenanigans
Dulydude covers lots of new releases, tactical notes, tables and terrain, and a bit of Necromunda.
Topics:  news, community & leagues, terrain, unboxings
Factions:  Yu Jing, Haqqislam

The Eternal Rival
You won’t find a more helpful resource for Yu Jing names.  Huanglong runs The Eternal Rival, detailing lovely canon paint jobs and how-tos for your favorite rabble-rousing factions; JSA, ISS and Tohaa.  He takes really beautiful photos, and I believe he is fluent in Mandarin, as he writes quite authoritatively about the Chinese Yu Jing names.
Topics:  newbies, battle reports, art, painting
Factions:  Yu Jing, Tohaa

The Emperor’s Justice
Buxbaum runs a WordPress blog dedicated to ISS.  He’s a WHFB expat who got into Infinity due to the local player scene and the exceptional models.
Topics:  newbies, battle reports, tournaments
Factions:  Yu Jing

Fire Broadside!
This is a big blog covering lots of miniature and hobby games.  They haven’t updated their content in some months, but it’s a nice hobby blogspot worth a look.
Topics:  news, battle reports, painting
Factions:  Yu Jing, Nomads

Fresh Tzechi Digester
Here’s new blog by Perseus on the mighty Tohaa.  His first post is a sales pitch on Tohaa’s various Shotgun Triads.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas
Factions:  Tohaa

The Gentle Winter
This is a very interesting blog.  The Gentle Winter has been retelling his battle reports as a contiguous story.  If I was into Yu Jing like so many other bloggers, I would probably read it through―he keeps his tale attentively tied to the Infinity universe.  He also writes detailed reviews of the miniatures and other products he buys for Infinity.
Topics:  news, tacticas, battle reports, art, painting, terrain, unboxings
Factions:  Yu Jing

A Guardsman’s Guide to Glory
GunGrave is an Imperial 40K lover who has recently turned his sights on the might of ALEPH.  He’s a fine painter who’s work is worth a snoop.
Topics:  painting
Factions:  ALEPH

Hydra’s archive of blog posts includes many easy-to-read narrative reports.  These include general Infinity games and last year’s Wotan campaign, and several other wargames.
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tacticas, tournaments, podcasts, art, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying, alternative rules
Factions:  Nomads

The Invincible Army
The Invincible Army calls himself the Invincible Army, and plays (you guessed it) the Heavy Infantry-heavy Yu Jing.  I really dig his teal scheme for Yu Jing.
Topics:  tacticas, battle reports, painting
Factions:  Yu Jing

Jake’s Infinity Review
Jake Richmond has been around in Infinity since the beginning, and keeps an up-to-date Tumblr blog on all upcoming Infinity releases.
Topics:  news
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

The Krug
The Krug is pure Infinity podcasts, but they haven’t been active in over a year.  I listened to them back in N2 days, and I’m pretty sure they cover every faction.  Krug did a good job of editing out rabbit trails.  If you’re curious about old-school Infinity, they’re an informative and entertaining group to listen to.
Topics:  news, tacticas, community & leagues, tournaments, podcasts
Factions:  PanOceania, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, Tohaa

You’ve probably seen some of k1lleet’s DeviantArt work around your Facebook group or various Infinity forums.
Topics:  art
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Nomads, ALEPH

Lead Rising
The warcor Phlyk runs a posty blogspot, with extremely current coverage of Infinity news and rumors.  He gives lots of specific tactica writeups, tournament tales, and a particularly interesting story league he ran this year.  Phlyk writes about a few other wargames, too.  We disagree strongly about the intent thing, but, that’s that.
Topics:  news, tacticas, painting, battle reports, other wargames
Factions:  Ariadna, Nomads, ALEPH

The chads have purely devoted this young podcast to Infinity the Game.  They do have some content for newbies, but they are more interested in covering specific points of interest in Infinity.  Good, clean audio, posts every other Sunday.
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tournaments, tacticas
Factions:  PanOceania, Ariadna, ALEPH, Combined Army

MacBain’s Infinity Stuff
Here’s a 1,000+ images that MacBain has collected of Infinity fan art and sexiness.
Topics:  art
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

You’ve probably heard of MayaCast long before you heard of me, but if you haven’t, MayaCast is the most up-to-date news blog on the web, regularly featuring interviews with Corvus Belli staff.  You’ll stay days ahead of the forum buzz if you listen to MayaCast first.
Topics:  news, podcasts
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Massive Voodoo
Massive Voodoo is well-travelled blog, primarily made of articles to teach and show off good painting and modelling techniques.  Most of his “Infinity” stuff is Disney Infinity, however, so take this as a general hobby blog, not a Corvus Belli’s Infinity blog.
Topics:  painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying
Factions:  Yu Jing, Haqqislam

Mercenary Recon Corps
This lovely blog has gone completely under my radar.  The Mercs also cover Battletech, Heavy Gear, Warmachine, and other games, but WiseKensai been putting out great stuff on Infinity, real easy reading.
Topics:  tacticas, tournaments, painting, battle reports
Factions:  Ariadna, Nomads, Combined Army

Miniature Armies, Huge Time Sink
Voltron of the blog linked above is an extremely friendly and active blogger, who covers a lot of ground topic about building and playing Infinity, as well as a slew of his other favorite tabletop games.
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tournaments, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying, other wargames
Factions:  Yu Jing, Tohaa

Misadventures in Gaming
This new blog by Palomarus is documenting his experience from newbie to (we may expect) tourney champion.  He’s currently focused on Steel Phalanx.
Topics:  community & leagues, battle reports
Factions:  ALEPH

Outside of the in-house dossier artists and sculptors at Corvus Belli, and Angel himself, Mothman is the most popular artist doing work on Infinity.  You can find his art for Infinity and many other subjects linked above and on his Tumblr account.
Topics:  art
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

The Myrmidon Officer
I haven’t read much of Solodice’s blog, because I’m not a damn dirty ALEPH cheater.  Only second-place Tohaa cheater. 🙂
Topics:  news, newbies, tacticas, battle reports
Factions:  ALEPH

Nerds Break Games
Mr Chris Foster of the blog of the same name stopped writing halfway through last year, but you can still read his thoughts on gender torture and criticisms of people like yours truly who make light of sexism in games.  The only thing he ever seemed to write about Infinity is its offensiveness, but it’s there if you’d like to read.
Topics:  newbies, oppression, other wargames

This group regularly hosts large events for Infinity and other wargames.  The link above goes directly to NOVA’s Infinity page.  This isn’t a blog, so much as a portal to major Infinity events.
Topics:  community & leagues, tournaments
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

On The Inside Looking Out
Wellspokenman covers anime and Corregidor on his WordPress here, and has lots of in-depth analyses of Correg profiles.  He also seems to be a fan of C.S. Lewis.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas
Factions:  Nomads

The Omega
The Omega, or “Behold The Omega”, covers a dedicated Infinity and Warhammer blog, with an emphasis on Morats and Ariadna.  His choice for Blackjack has been my favorite proxy of the unit.
Topics:  news, tacticas, painting, other wargames
Factions:  Ariadna, Combined Army

Pen of Penemue
Penemue is an articulate writer who hosts a staggering breadth of unboxing articles.  Penemue has been around for a long time, so there is a massive archive of information, if you take the time to browse.
Topics:  news, tacticas, unboxings
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Personal Flashpaper
These guys remind me of “The Men’s Room” radio up here in Washington State.  They’re gruff and laugh a lot, and give lots of basic and detailed advice about Infinity, as well as covering their local tournament scene.  You’ll probably want to skip the first few minutes of word salad and self-advertising.
Topics:  news, newbies, tacticas, tournaments, conversions & hobbying, podcasts, other wargames
Factions:  PanOceania, ALEPH, Tohaa

Pride of Rodina
Soviet Bear approves of comrade Pride of Rodina!  He must be appointed the Tartary Tzar!  His glorious victories for Kazaks will not go unsung!… Pride of Rodina runs a multi-faction blog with a growing number of contributing authors, but it’s still your #1 source of all things Kazak.  He even has his own theme song.
Topics:  news, kazaks, newbies, tacticas, kazaks, battle reports, community & leagues, tournaments, painting, kazaks, terrain
Factions:  PanOceania, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Tohaa

Not much here but a few old Nomads images from this DeviantArtist.
Topics:  art
Factions:  Nomads

Remote Presence
Remote Presence is a podcast on Facebook, and I do not use Facebook, so I cannot tell you firsthand what they talk about.  One of their podcasters, MittenNinja, however is a prolific painter, and his Cobra Haqq is a thing of awe.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas, tournaments, podcasts
Factions:  Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Nomads, Tohaa

Rise of Ryleh
WinterMute is very enthusiastic about his Nomads, but he looks less enthusaistic about blogging overall these days.  He does nice model painting and thorough profile discussion.
Topics:  newbies, community & leagues, tournaments, painting, other wargames
Factions:  Ariadna, Nomads, Combined Army

Scar_hand Painting
The this is the blog of the Nomads’ golden child, Nazroth.  He sells painting services, as well as other general blogging bullets, and many other games beyond Infinity.  Nazroth also has a YouTube channel.
Topics: news, tacticas, art, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Strategos Level 3
Stuart is a UK-based JSA-lover.  His blog covers the tournament scene in his area, and has many many big fully-painted shots of his various tables and battles.  He also has a couple good articles on table setup and scratch-built terrain.
Topics:  tournaments, painting, terrain
Factions:  Yu Jing

Straight off the Tabletop
This blog currently covers Yu Jing and Haqqislam.  Scott, the author, is getting into battle reports, product reviews, and painting walkthroughs.  His blog is a little light on pictures, but he makes great effort to story-ify his battle reports.  He’s also launched a YouTube channel, linked below.
Topics:  newbies, painting, battle reports
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Straight Outta Caledonia
Peter of the eponymous blog has been covering Ariadna for a few years now on his blog.  He doesn’t just cover Caledonia, his first love, but the french fries and burgers of MRRF and USARF as well.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas, tournaments, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying
Factions:  Ariadna

Studio Giraldez
Angel Giraldez is the virtuoso studio painter for Infinity the Game.
Topics:  news, painting
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Tam is the most prolific tactica writer on the official forum, and the winningest ITS player I know.  His website covers gaming in general, though he hasn’t posted much about Infinity recently.  You’ll have get to the 7th or so tab to find his Infinity content, but his tactical advice is well worth your time to read.
Topics:  tacticas
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Tohaa

Tabletop Shogun
Looks like Alexander has been a pretty active blogger since last year on The Tabletop Shogun.  He’s into PanOceania and Bolt Action (but maybe not Neoterra Bolts), and recently started writing guides for newbies to the Hyperpower.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas, battle reports, other wargames
Factions:  PanOceania, Mercs, JSA

TGU (Infinity ARO)
Tabletop Gamers United, run by dtjunkie, is another popular podcast group.  I haven’t listened to their podcasts yet, but I’ve read some of their content, and they provide good overall tacticas to common hiccups in Infinity.  I presume, given their breadth of uploads and contributors, that they cover all factions, but once I do give them a listen (or someone here corrects me) I’ll seive out the tags below.
Topics:  tacticas, battle reports, community & leagues, tournaments, podcasts
Factions:   PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Tom Schadle Miniatures
Tom Schadle of MayaCast and Warsenal is a highly professional painter whose work gets passed around on every forum I see.  If you want to feel bad about your craftsmanship, check out this guy’s excellent work.
Topics:  painting, terrain
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Mercs, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

Two Times Two
This redcoat blog covers both Infinity and 40K, but mostly 40K.  Richard’s family seems to have taken most of his time, as he hasn’t posted since 2016, but he’s been blogging for years, so I expect he’ll post more in the future.
Topics:  painting, battle reports
Factions:  Haqqislam

Totally CRIT
CRITheads following these four British gentlemen may regularly enjoy laughter, tactical discussion, and the occasional tournament to laud or lament over.
  news, tournaments, podcasts
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Combined Army, Tohaa

Redheadhobbies covers tactics, battle reports, painting, and his local tournament scene.  Also he’s a ginger.  Represent!
Topics:  community & leagues, tournaments, painting, terrain, alternative rules
Factions:  PanOceania, Haqqislam, Nomads

Rolling Guts
If you’re on /tg/, you’re already familiar with ADHadh’s work.  If not, check out his gallery of Infinity comic strips on DeviatART.
Topics:  art
Factions:  PanOceania, Haqqislam, Nomads, ALEPH

Under Bourak’s Sun
This partner blog on PoR began this year, covering Haqqislam.  Freddie’s “I Wish I knew Earlier” articles are particularly good for new players looking for introductory strategy.
Topics:  newbies, tacticas
Factions:  Haqqislam

Wirelizard has a breathtakingly expansive wargaming blog that I have only just found, courtesy of the forum.  He’s been covering a lot of Infinity, and frankly there’s so much there I’m just sticking all the tags here until I pore through his work.
Topics:  news, newbies, tacticas, battle reports, community & leagues, tournaments, painting, terrain, conversions & hobbying, unboxings, alternative rules, other wargames
Factions:  Haqqislam

Xeno for the Win
Mr Grenn Dall runs Xeno for the Win, a blog mostly about WH40K, but he does cover Tohaa and lots of painting and hobby techniques.
Topics:  painting, unboxings, various wargames
Factions:  Tohaa

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YouTube is the huge obvious hub for “batreps”, battle reports.

2DSick Wargaming
2DSick seems to play exclusively Caledonia Highlander Army, and uploads narrated picture battle reports on well-painted terrain.

Battle Ready Games
Only just found this channel―these gentlemen have been covering Infinity and Malifaux for over a year now, and seem to play every faction, including our right honorable Tohaa.

Beasts of War
The Beasts of War are a cheesy group of happy middle-aged men living the high life of running a wargame blog/channel/store/hype train.  You can regularly find jovial battle reports, interviews, and Infinity how-tos between Carlos Bostria and the BoW gents.  They clearly have a good relationship with Carlos and love highlighting the game, even if they do occasionally fuck up the rules.

Blue Table Painting
I’d recommend going to this channel to look at why Corvus Belli needs to pick partner companies who give a fuck about being companies.  And to downvote them.

Direct Action Games
Direct Action Games is a young channel doing handheld battle reports of Infinity and WH40K, and do fully painted armies and scenery.  Videos also cover news and painting technique.  They do a camera filter I’m not a big fan of, and the audio is a little muffled, so you’ll want to put in headphones or turn up the dial.

Encounter Wargaming
These guys are more interested in 40k than Infinity, but they do have some good home-built terrain videos, as well as unboxing videos, if you are into that sort of thing.

Games Nexus
Stewart, of this channel, has been putting out quite a few videos on Infinity over the past few months.  Give him some views; his content is good.

Gaming with The Cooler
Do you like seeing Ghazi Muttawi’ah spammed by fours, over and over again, to ruthless effect?  Do you love a good Jeanne d’Arc Pain Train?  Good.  You will love Gaming with The Cooler.  GwtC often plays opposite of Ash of Guerilla Miniature Games.

Guerilla Miniature Games
Ash of GMG has one of the most newb- and oldtimer-friendly channels on YouTube, and is probably the best Infinity spokesman on the market.  He is the author of the Recon! system, regularly spotlights new hobby companies on his “Widgets & Wonders” segment, gives hobby and tactical tutorials, covers just about every wargame you have heard of, and publishes new content almost daily.

Heretic of Yew
This godless heretic seems to be split evenly between Rum & Bones and Infinity battle reports.  These aren’t really “videos”, but narrated pictures, like a lot of other YouTube battle reports are filmed.  Heretic runs an Avengers-themed Ariadna force.

Infinity Idiots
The Infinity Idiots are a couple merry redcoats who have a couple Infinity games uploaded on their eponymously named channel.  If they had a camera not made of potato, they’d probably be a really entertaining pair.

Haven’t watched any of joker7099’s uploads yet, but saw him as another active battle report creator.

Jon Jones
I hope Jon didn’t get burnt out―I think he’s now in medical school?―but he has a big list of Infinity battle reports, replete with the villainous Hobby Kitty trampling upon his tiny cities.

Micky Ward
Micky Ward seems to be out of the Infinity scene, but I really liked his videos, and you might like watching some old N2 and N3 battle reports.  He’s one of the few to do lots of in-depth Tohaa and Morat battles.

This channel no longer supports Infinity, but if you hunger for more unedited battle reports and don’t mind older (and mistake-ridden) play, MiniWarGaming has plenty of content for you.

Vaul has my favorite style of battle reports―dry, honest, intelligent, and wasting little time with dice closeups.  He has a video or two about broad-application Infinity tactics, though he has recently been dabbling in traditional handheld videos.  Vaul is also a regular poster on the forum with a bunch of his fellow kiwis.

Scott of the same blog mentioned earlier is also hosting tutorials and battle reports here on YouTube.

Image result for german flag


I don’t speak German, but as I see that I get regular traffic from Germany and Austria on this blog, there are a couple German blogs and channels I have bookmarked.

Blindside’s Reports
This newer channel features chiefly German content, and does both traditional battle reports and tactics videos.  He also uploaded a lovely 3-part video on Interplanetario 2017.
Topics:  battle reports, tacticas
Factions:  PanOceania, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army

Brükenkopf covers most wargames, but they do have a dedicated Infinity section, linked above.
Topics:  painting, conversions, unboxings
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, ALEPH, Tohaa

CiF does infiNity
Bastian (Covered in Fish) writes mostly in English, but there are a number of German articles, as well.  He’s also a frequent poster on the Tohaa forum.
Topics:  art, painting, terrain, battle reports
Factions:  Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Tohaa

Fenris Rants
Fenris (Rizzy) also writes in English, for us non-krauts.
  news, newbies, painting, unboxings, other wargames
Factions:  Nomads, ALEPH

InfoFlux Podcast
Topics:  news, terrain, podcasts

TablePott TV
Topics:  battle reports (YouTube)

Wulpertinger Spieleverein
Topics:  battle reports (YouTube)

Image result for spain


Escrito y hablo cómo un gringo, pero miro unos canales y blogs a veces.

A Bordo de Corregidor
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tacticas, tournaments, painting, unboxings, conversions & hobbying
Factions:  Nomads

Calabozo Criollo
Topics:  newbies, other wargames
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, Tohaa

Drobbit Studios
Topics:  battle reports (YouTube)

La Rana Bucanera
Topics:  painting, other wargames
Factions:  Ariadna, Combined Army

Infinity Warcors
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tournaments
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, Tohaa

Infinity Warcors Venezuela
Topics:  news, newbies, community & leagues, tournaments, terrain
Factions:  PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Combined Army, Tohaa

Vamos Ver no PanO Verde (portuguesa, lo siento)
Topics:  tournaments, painting, terrain, various wargames
Factions:  PanOceania, Ariadna



Green Metal Soldiers
Topics:  newbies, tacitcas, painting, terrain
Factions:  PanOceania, Ariadna, Nomads, ALEPH, Tohaa


18 thoughts on “Big List O’ Infinity Blogs

  1. Thanks for the plug buddy, wish I discovered your blog sooner. Full of all sorts of interesting articles, posts and general Infinity coolness 🙂 Nice little hobby hub you have here. Lot’s of other blogs out there too, this will expand my reader view nicely!


      1. Well thanks dude that means a lot, especially with some of other delicious paint jobs I’ve seen out there!


  2. thanks mate. isnt it abit strange that many people on blogs for yujing ?
    we are doing things for the game. but best blog is yours mate.
    keep up the good work!


    1. Yu Jing has the most swagger of any faction, and has perhaps the truest Anime aesthetic, so that may explain why those who play the Yu Jing love to show it off.

      Thanks again, but I still have to defer to Spud. And let’s see some Tohaa on your blog, too!


  3. actually i am planning to make seperate blogs same style. most probably will finish my bakunin first,
    i am waiting for our pherohacker for tohaa side. 😛


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