Clipsos Review

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The Clipsos:  you own it.  You don’t?  You should.  In fact, you should own three.



The Clipsos is very “min-maxed”.  It’s not bogged down with abilities you won’t use, and unlike some other Tohaa options, it isn’t premium-priced.  It might even be discounted, if you compare it to the PanOceanic Hexa or Order Sergeant.  Because the Clipsos has no chaff in skills or equipment, you pay the least for what you want the most―Thermo-Optical Camouflage.
sep.gifGiven these generously powerful rules, and extremely focused (and therefore low-priced) loadouts of the Clipsos, it may provide higher returns than many Tohaa troopers of the same cost.
sep.gifI can’t recommend Clipsos enough.  There is an amazing amount of tactical capacity with Clipsos, and if I may, I would recommend reading my Clipsos tactics article if you’d like to see what can be done with such camouflage troopers.


Both available Clipsos models are overall easy to assemble.  As I was new to the hobby when I bought my Trident starter, I doofed up the assembly of the “sprinting” Clipsos.  However, it was easily filled with a bit of flange metal, and no one has noticed the mistake unless I point it out to them.
sep.gifLike a lot of split-leg models, you might consider beginning by pinning her at the hips, as that will help the stability as you go about attaching her to her base and affixing her cloak.


This Clipsos is a conversion, taking the Kamael Light Grenade Launcher to represent the similarly-shaped Boarding Shotgun, and the Kamael Hacker’s odd monstrosity to represent a Nullifier.  Nullifiers are, after all, supposed to have the same Silhouette as a trooper, so—being that the only Tohaa hacker worth bringing is Aelis—I liked this conversion.
sep.gifBoth Clipsos models can nicely swap arms with Kamaels and Sakiels, as I have done, but since he is a newer CAD-designed model, he is a bit larger than his peers, and his joints are squared and will therefore need shaving.  Note that female Tohaa’s pauldrons are significantly smaller than those of the males.

I rate the Clipsos 5 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR With zero wasted skills, and a critical role in our camouflage-lite army, the Clipsos is highly desirable, and should be among the first considerations in every Tohaa list.


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