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I’ve been pretty negative on the Igao in the past, but Human Sphere drastically improved this unit.  We wanted a Tohaa ninja, we got a Tohaa ninja.  Suck it, human ninjas.

I must apologize to Igao-lovers for all the poo-pooing I did of her last year.  Recently I was embarrassed to discover that Surprise Attack is, and has always been, a -6 mod, instead of a -3 mod.  The old Igao was still not a great unit, all things considered, but that made her significantly better at close combat than I let on.


The modern Igao is a marvelous, frightening, murderous, furious devil.  An Igao stacks together a pile of Close Combat abilities to breezily force -9 to -12 martial arts engagements on her foe.  She will easily cream targets with stats that peak at 13, such as line infantry, remotes, and basic heavy troops.

Recently, the Shotgun profile was updated to carry a superior DA CCW.   Both profiles were upgraded with Stun Grenades, I-Kohl, and CC+2.  Zowie.  I would have been happy with just I-Kohl!  Altogether, she is far better for her model’s purpose (chopping) than the original release.  PH13 is good as always to Engage in ARO, particularly with her Kinematika and I-Kohl, but you may find better results using the Shotgun or Nanopulser―or hiding in your Camouflage state while you still have it.

The Igao still has Frenzy, so should she survive her first glory turn, she will then become Impetuous, and cannot camouflage again for the rest of the game.  Since Frenzy triggers specifically “on your next active turn”, it’s wise to not have her score wounds on the first player turn if it’s your enemy going first.  A big part of her cost is her CH: Camouflage skill, and it’s a shame to waste.

A cornercase tactical note:  The Combi/Nanopulser pairs excruciatingly well with a Nimbus Clipsos for first round carnage.  Nimbus modifiers, being visibility modifiers, apply to Dodge rolls.  Because Nimbus has the reflective trait, it applies to Multispectral Visor users, too.  It does not, however, affect Close Combat or Direct Template Weapon use.

So, to ensure maximum manslaughter odds with maximum nerf to your opponent, list these two girls together, and Nimbus›Igao anything to death.



I own only the real Igao, Madame Igao.  Pendragonstn has extensively converted his Igaos, if you would like to see what can be done with them.  Shotgun Guy Igao reminds me of the Knife Guy Kamael in the starter, yuck.

Speaking from what I own, Madame Igao is a basic and simple assembly, with her head, torso, and left leg in one piece.  The arms pinch together, and the CCW extends about a half inch behind her base.  It requires a little sanding to fit perfectly together, but assembled, it’s in my top three favorite Infinity sculpts.

I rate the Igao 4 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR Excellent melee skirmisher.


12 thoughts on “Igao Re-Review

  1. “Surprise Attack is, and has always been, a -6 mod” …Holy shit! (swearing’s appropriate in this case) Damn, I had not realized that either. That IS very beastly. I don’t know about Clipsos Nimbus, just don’t got the ‘solo’ space to fit it in my lists currently, but this is definitely good cause to finally try throwing Nimbus Plus c/o a Sakiel.
    Painted it last week and that lady Igao is definitely one of the best Tohaa poses. All she needs now is a big scythe instead of a spear. (sigh, why doesn’t CB get more creative with melee weaponry in general, they can always fall back on the “whatever, it’s supposed to be anime” handwave excuse). I did buy the male Igao at the same time but, yeah, his pose is very meh.


      1. I like the Morat axe idea, just not some of the poses or the design of the axehead itself, which looks kinda un-Morat-y tbh.
        In general, I’m for more variety in type of CCWs various individual troopers are shown wielding just for visual interest both mini-wise and that whole imaginary cinematic action aspect.


      2. The axehead is just way too flamboyant and huge. Even very big axeheads like a sparth axe are only a few pounds, and not bigger than one’s head. The Morat axehead would be like a dozen pounds and swing like a hunk of rebar.


  2. I know you do not check the blog that much now but i will still try asking 🙂 Is Igao suitable for any lists or is she more of a narrowly specialised troop for hunting/destruction scenarios? Just seems like quite a lot of points for just a camo (not much surprise as people can quickly figure out if it is a mine or a troop) and no ability to infiltrate like I am used to with Fiday (hehe WIP 15 if to deploy in opponent deploy zone – otherwise for free is devastating). I can see a huge power in melee in Igao but getting to the target may be a challenge. many thanks.


    1. Hi Geilt3,

      I do not know how much the game has changed since I left, but yes, the Igao was quite a good unit. You just have to accept before the game begins that she will die.

      For example, I long played with multiple Clipsos in my group. No one expected that my camo marker was not a Clipsos mine, but an Igao. When she activated to pursue a vulnerable target (who thought he was safe on the other side of a wall from the “mine”), it was always a nasty surprise.

      When you are going first, against a smart opponent, she may not be useful. But that’s okay. You can keep her still , for a turn, and let them think that she is a mine. 25-27 points for board control is usually good.

      Fiday is better for this sort of thing, but costs more, comparatively. Tohaa can’t be Haqqislam, but she is as good as we can do. And that’s pretty good—if you plug her numbers into the dice calculator, she’s better at CC than the Ninja.

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  3. Thank you. I will surely try her out! I think I saw your Infinity name in Kurage Krisis reports bcz I was studying Tohaa tactics. Since then not much change although there is talk about something new for Tohaa (hope not smthing like deleting symbiomates haha) . Firstly though I was thinking to start with Kerail with Surdas, then practice Rasail and then add Igao. It takes time to learn how different units perform. Thank you for advice and time, and hope to see a new blog or comic from you one day if you will have time for it. 🙂


  4. Hello there. Perhaps you won’t see this post but I still wanted to share my first tohaa game experience in two 120 pts games (slow grow tournament). Tohaa won both times and against experienced players! I have to say boarding shotgun clipsos is crazy good! She took out peacemaker and next order a kamau with HMG! In the next game she survived chain rifle from quanshi and did a draw with Luna sniper x level troop!!! And secured the victories! Also I totally agree Sakiels Rock!!! Both times a viral Sakiel just annihilated troops and did not even use symbiomate. The other paramedic sakiel survived a shootout with hmg by spending a symbiomate and symbio armour – for annihilation games it is soo good! And Makauls are so reliable its unbelievable! Thank you for your advice! Oh yes and Diplomate Delegate was such a distraction for other troops and only died after three orders and crit once with flash pulse! I am not going to be overconfident for next games but happy to see them in action. 🙂


    1. Glad you’re knocking them out! Clipsos, Makauls and Sakiels are definitely backbone troops of Tohaa. Yes, I still get emails from WordPress, so I do see comments.

      I would say, with Tohaa, be careful not to gloat. Many Infinity players, at least in my time, thought (rightly) that Tohaa was overpowered. You will be a much more popular Tohaa opponent if you do not lord your many victories over your friends.

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  5. Hi Lonely Artichoke. Thank you – yes I am trying to not get corrupted by Tohaa power haha. And I did lose few games already which puts me into my place 🙂 Also just wanted to mention – perhaps you know that there is a new Tohaa mercinaries army coming out – not a Tohaa sectorial but a NA-2 sectorial with impersonators and a triad that has all bonuses of a 5 link team and so.e other unique abilities. I think I will stick with normal tohaa for now – only just bought figures so cant afford another new buy and plus I like regular orange Tohaa army – the omlette as I call it – white, orange with artichoke green haha.


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