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5 points for a Specialist, a Flash Pulse, and a Nanopulser. Who doesn’t love Artichoke Beyoncé?

280902-0379_2 I don’t, in point of fact. I think I have only ever included the Diplomatic Delegate once. But that does not mean she is not valuable―I just value other things.


No, not that.  But the Diplomatic Delegate, for 5 points and a dozen dollars, gives your army a nice backup specialist and a couple troll weapons for invaders.  For me, those 5 points are usually better spent on a Viral Combi, or sprinkled amongst other troops for Specialists and Minelayers and such like.

I am not a player who fields things primarily because they look cool.  But candidly, the primary reason I don’t bring the Diplomatic Delegate is her annoying model. If the model appeared as her concept art had, with a regal contrapposto, I’d have had her with my original order.  The model doesn’t just fit the fluff, IMO.


Look at her sweet face.

But that’s just my puritanism.  If you’re a player coming from Haqqislam or Ariadna and are used to cheap, useful, irregular troopers, the Diplomatic Delegate is right up your alley.

EDIT 11/1/16
Since I have now made a Diplomatic Delegate model, what I really enjoy doing is using our surplus Command Tokens to turn him into a “Netrod”.  On my typical elite lists, getting +1 regular order for 5 points, with 2 Command Tokens left over at the end of the game, is a great deal.
sep.gifI’d really be willing to an extra couple points for the Diplomatic Delegate to be WIP15 or WIP16.  In the unit’s fluff, the Delegate is a savvy silver-tongued James Bond Maltese Falcon Léon-The-Professional hero that every Tohaa wishes he could be.  Too bad it’s just a WIP13 dumbo with a Flash Pulse.


I don’t own one so I can’t say.  You can find plenty of unboxing videos to show how she appears.  She’s a two-piece model with limited conversion options and foolproof assembly.

EDIT 11/1 #2:
Yeah… I have now made a Diplomatic Delegate model.  He is “Maakaeon”, the manly Tohaa Diplomatic Delegate.  I imagine him with a very professional WIP15:

I rate the Diplomatic Delegate 3 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  She’s great as a cheap backup specialist and ARO troll, and not much else. 


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