Balancing Fatality L2 and Full-Auto L2

Game Theory


Since the discussion is raging, here is my take on how to balance these skills without completely gutting them of what excites their respective Haqqislam and Nomads players.


Points as Power

Game Theory

The forum is always stoking a discussion about varies troops in Infinity being overpowered or underpowered.  An occasionally credible naysayer will say, “No, anything can work,” which is true, but I think the fundamental point that player frustrations center around is not specific combos of units, but the relative costs of their abilities.  This is an article inspired from a recent Infinity Discord chat with Teslarod on the topic.

Infinity Factions, Artichoked

Game Theory, Smelly Humans

My thoughts on Infinity’s factions after 12 months of Human Sphere.  Because I am rating factions on a scale of 1 to 5, I don’t see how it’s meaningful unless at least 1 faction gets a 1 artichoke rating, and another gets a 5 artichokes rating.  This rating considers factional context, and model availability and obsolescence.  On a strict rate of balance, nothing would get lower than a 2 or 3.  With that said: