2018 Tohaa Release Schedule (Leak!)


I don’t normally do leaks, but this leak was too juicy not to share.  Prepare to have your minds blown:


Tohaa Pronunciation Guide


If you browse the English Infinity forum and the Spanish Infinity forum, you will notice that English players often misspell Tohaa names, but Spanish Tohaa players never misspell them.  I believe this is because they pronounce these names correctly.  This is an easy guide to help you say Tohaa names the right way, too.  As most language areas of the brain cross over, you will have no more trouble with Tohaa names by the end.

Big List O’ Infinity Blogs


Since the tragic death of the Wayward Warcor, I have been (re)collecting a big list of blogs and channels relating to Infinity.  Hit Ctrl-F to find a blog of your topics or factions.  If you want pure Infinity blogs, I recommend clicking on the link, as many of these were pulled from that thread, but many linked below cover much more than just Infinity.  YouTube battle report channels and non-English blogs are under their own categories below.

I Have No Idea what I Think About Almost Every Unit in Infinity Now



The new DataTracker rule forces you to bring a unit who has to be a model on the table, and usually either has to kill something, sit on something, or just not die.  The more I look at the ITS9 missions, the more I am rethinking all the classically “bad” choices:  Spitfire Neema, Taqeul, Ectros―and beyond Tohaa―ORCs, Dragões, Squalos, Sogarats, Overdrons, Xeodrons…gah.  What is happening?

Advice for New Bloggers



By internet standards, I’m a nobody, but by wargaming blog standards―considering that Infinity isn’t the most popular wargame, and Tohaa is the least popular faction―I consider 250 daily views a good success.  As the blogroll expands, I notice more and more bloggers popping up (lots of you Yu Jing dudes), so I’d like to share tips over my years of Infinity blogging on what seems to work.