Make Kaauri Short Again


I think everyone has noticed that the Kaauri are far too tall to be Silhouette 1, and I decided to shorten mine.  So at the elbowing of Perseus on the official forum, and catching a fever yesterday and therefore having the time to do it, I finally made some shortened Kaauri.  This is a pretty easy conversion that you should be able to do with basic hobby tools.



Big List O’ Infinity Blogs


Since the tragic death of the Wayward Warcor, I have been (re)collecting a big list of blogs and channels relating to Infinity.  Hit Ctrl-F to find a blog of your topics or factions.  YouTube battle report channels and non-English blogs are separately mentioned below.  If you want pure Infinity blogs, I recommend clicking on the link, as many of these were pulled from that thread, but many linked below cover much more than just Infinity.


Game Shop Review: Card Kingdom

Game Shop Reviews

The mighty Card Kingdom in Seattle, father business of Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, is the grandfather of a glorious trend of bar/diner/gamer place.  It’s the original and, to many, best of its kind in Washington.  For a smallish property in Seattle, they have made excellent use of their space, and earned an extremely loyal neighborhood of customers.  It’s a game den to covet.