Spiral Corps Unboxing & Assembly

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Tohaa players, rejoice! After waiting so long for something new for Tohaa, our patience has been rewarded with the release of the Spiral Corps, or as some would call it, the Triumvirate! Upon hearing the news of the launch, I preordered it along with the Adepticon bundle, which also came with the Daedalus’ Fall book and a bunch of exclusive miniatures. It arrived quickly, and once I had it in my hands, I realized that the Spiral Corps box was perfect to do an unboxing article on, which I will not delay in presenting to you!

The packaging itself is typical of most of Corvus Belli’s starter boxes, and opens into the standard white cardboard box with the plastic tray holding the pieces to the models inside. Some cardstock tokens and templates are included in the box, as well as some paper buildings, a gaming mat, and a rulebook. The buildings and game mat are the same as those found in other scenery packs or in the starter boxes like Operation: Red Veil and Cold Front. The rulebook covers the basic mechanics of Infinity, and has the profiles and background for all of the troops that come in the box. Additionally, it also shows what models are needed to complete the army, and has a fun little background narrative written into it.


Tohaa Pronunciation Guide


If you browse the English Infinity forum and the Spanish Infinity forum, you will notice that English players often misspell Tohaa names, but Spanish Tohaa players never misspell them.  I believe this is because they pronounce these names correctly.  This is an easy guide to help you say Tohaa names the right way, too.  As most language areas of the brain cross over, you will have no more trouble with Tohaa names by the end.

Big List O’ Infinity Blogs


Since the tragic death of the Wayward Warcor, I have been (re)collecting a big list of blogs and channels relating to Infinity.  Hit Ctrl-F to find a blog of your topics or factions.  If you want pure Infinity blogs, I recommend clicking on the link, as many of these were pulled from that thread, but many linked below cover much more than just Infinity.  YouTube battle report channels and non-English blogs are under their own categories below.

Sunset Infinity: How to fix Fatality L2 without Nerfing It

Game Theory, Mods

There was a real love-hate relationship the players in my group had with critical hits, particularly when concerning autokill attacks and big guys (TAGS).  It’s nice to see that rare occasion a Chaksa Peripheral knifes an Avatar to death, but if you’re the Avatar player, it’s not very nice at all.  So, although I have not played since last summer, I have no reason to doubt that models like Tarik Mansuri are any less of a threat in his new sectorial, than when I used him in just vanilla Haqqislam lists.  When I was working on Skunkworks, the “dud” skills were another problem we tried to address.  There’s one dud skill to fix that, indirectly, fixes the eyerolling threat of Critical Hits.

Infinity Sunset: Hacking

Game Theory

As long as I have an audience here, and Corvus Belli checks my blog, I’d like to write a series of “sunset” articles as clean out my collection.  Like all community ideas, little can reach the design team.  But, that BS13 Mimetism Triad Symbiont did, so:  to your design team, who may be stuck in a rut of writing Aristeia and Special Fireteams and BS-3 mods, here is my parting gift.

I’ll begin with the least interesting rules, for Tohaa players:  Hacking.

A Kurage Report I Couldn’t Post


First of all, great work, to Combined Army and Tohaa players alike.  Overall, enthusiasm for this little campaign was low.  The campaign PDF gave almost no reason for either alien faction to be here, so given what we had to work with, I was glad to see some zeal from players on both sides of the alien aisle.  Thanks also to Graviton for your boundless enthusiasm, and apologies again that I could not play more.  Here’s one of the crazy reports I couldn’t post due to faction loyalties.