R.I.P. Symbiomate


Missing:  1 tiny green alien frog


Oh my dear, my other Symbiomate.  No idea where I left you.  It’s been fun.  I hope you are happy in artichoke frog heaven.

R.I.P. C.O.C. Kaeltar 2016-2017

Low-key raging, this is probably my most-used Tohaa profile…

Edit 03/20/17
In the same day, Games and Gizmos found and returned my Symbiomate, and my friend Noel bought me a new one!  Now that’s a generous day.  Thank you both


2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Symbiomate

    1. I can (though technically not in tournaments), but I also regularly take 2 Kaeltars, so it’s a real bummer. The last game store I was at hasn’t seen it, so some D&D girl probably thought it was cute and took it home.


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