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The oft-maligned Neema Saatar exhilarated fans with her badass concept art—but she was a dud in the eyes of many with her smutty giant-headed model and unremarkable stats.  Does she deserve any love?

Neema Saatar concept art from BoW

Commenters on Beasts of War’s 2013 article were going nuts over this. But dear Neema, you stunned them only with disappointment…

In short:  probably!

Neema Saatar may not be equipped like the mindblowing Yu Jing or PanO superinfantry, and her lack of Inspiring Leadership is baffling.  But many of us artichokes have grown to love her, and given her good armament and complimentary Lieutenant qualities, she may easily find herself commanding your list.


She’s been quite enriched since her original release.  As it is, for a normal unit, Neema Saatar comes in with pretty respectable stats.  Maybe not for an ALEPH player, but her only real weakness is light Armor―but then, that is the Tohaa Weakness™.  Neema excels at slaying line troops, medium infantry, and even camo units and other martial arts troops.  As Lieutenant, her Advanced Command ensures that you have no shortage of Command Tokens.

Like all Tohaa troops, Neema is no Annie Oakley.  However, Neema can still shoot quite well.  If you use lots of SWC, the Breaker/Panzer is your gem.  If SWC is not the deciding factor, the choice between her Breaker/Panzer option and her Spitfire option will come down to your preference for anti-armor or anti-infantry purposes.

She has peak Willpower, so she is as good as the Nikoul at discovering marker-state troops.  And she is actually quite good at CC, with high physique, Martial Arts L2, and a Viral Pistol.  Note that due to Viral ammunition’s superior damage likelihood, the Viral Pistol is usually a better CCW than her Shock CCW.  A Nanopulser sidearm allows her to close the gap, or dissolve enemies trying to close the gap to her.  Whichever loadout you choose, she is equipped to defeat hard targets at close range.

At WIP15 and BTS9, Neema one of the most difficult troopers to hack in Infinity.  And unlike her parent Ectros unit, she has Martial Arts, which means through its Stealth she will not trigger Hacker AROs.  I once had a game against ISS where a lone Ninja Hacker spent the entire turn hacking Neema and failing, only to crit-immobilize her on the 10th order.

Finally, her high WIP and suicidal tendencies have an integral benefit with Kaeltars.  As someone who has worked on a few games, the type of rule I love best is one that solves multiple issues simultaneously.  Attached to Neema, Symbiomates and Symbiobombs can be real damn good.  She’ll confidently deliver any Symbiobomb program, with shockingly high effectiveness with the Hellzone and Pandemonium strikes.  A Symbiomate keep her alive for that critical push through the wall of fire, and Chain of Command pulls rank when Neema dies in a burning, bloody glory.

Too bad she’s not actually that handsome too look at.



Neema is pretty easy to assemble, except, like the other Ectros, for her knee horns.  I’ve lost, reglued, permanently lost, sculpted anew, lost, and finally given up on one of her knee horns, and I am doubtful that the sculptors couldn’t have formed those horns in the primary mold.  However, if you like sexed-up Infinity models, you might like this alien, though generally many agree she is not a proud sight with her weird pose proportions.

I rate Neema Saatar 4 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR If you want to bring an Ectros, there are good reasons to consider the cheaper Neema first.  She’s a superb lieutenant, a natural fit with Kaeltars, and can wipe out most targets with ease.


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  1. Hey there! What do you think about the December 2017 rescuplt? I think the pose is more menacing, but her new face is somewhat too kawaii.


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