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She’s a 5/5 trooper.  But let’s talk about her anyway.


> be me
> playing Infinity, want troops with more than 1 wound
> can be in fireteams

> BS13 mimetism
> specialist
> plz?

YES.  All that and more.  Miss Sukeul has some skills and equipment which appear to tax her and inflate her cost (Veteran L1, Multiterrain, D-Charges), but they actually make her flexible and dependable, in my experience.

The Sukeul is our dedicated combat specialist who can outgun enemies.  I really don’t know what to say about the Sukeul.  She’s just great.  When the profile first released, I was angry because I was so satisfied.  Here’s further thoughts according to her profiles:

K1 Combi / D-Charges  Totally great profile.  Really reliable at killing TAGs, Heavy Infantry, and USAriadna.  It’s rare that we get a specialist in Tohaa who is also great at combat.  This one also obscures your Lieutenant.

K1 Combi / Nullifier  Great for similar reasons, but doesn’t obscure our Lieutenant.  No biggie with Kaeltars, though.  I usually tie her with an HMG Ectros and a Makaul.

HMG  Best shooter in Tohaa, by the numbers.

Missile / Light Shogtun  A merciless combo that PanO players will be familiar with.  The linked Missile Sukeul almost equally effective as a Missile Swiss Guard in reactive turns.  Light Shotgun keeps her kicking up close.  Looking forward to the Missile model, I like her render.

K1 Sniper  Never used this profile.  I can see value in the expensive K1 Sniper in a Limited Insertion format or a game of 400 or more points, but not otherwise.

K1 Lieutenant  Highly recommended.

I strongly recommend putting Symbiomates on any Sukeul, since they lose their Mimetism when the Symbiont goes inactive.  2 FO Sukeuls, 2 SWC Sukeuls, and 2 CoC Kaeltars would be a great foundation for a Tohaa list.


The first Sukeul sculpt is extremely tall.

And ugly.  The studio paint job looks freakish and cartoony, and the sculpt is…confused.  She’s a simple model with a 1-piece body, and 2 separate arms.  This is how I converted her:

Now, she is actually aiming down her sights, instead of standing there with a limp wrist and an idle pose.

I rate the Sukeul 5 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR Ugly model, but everything you want in an aggressive triad troop.


7 thoughts on “Sukeul Review

  1. She is a one of best tohaa unit i ever seen. 😀 I love that model.
    Sukeul can be really powerful puncher and utility troops depending her loadout.
    5 artichokes? Of course!


      1. I did follow through with a Sukeul HMG conversion. After trading another female Rasail for a Tikbalang to a friend, I armswapped the male Rasail and a K1 Sukeul, then swapped guns on a new Ectros HMG and the Sukeul so that she has an HMG:

        It’s a tandem-purchase conversion, but she should turn out great, after painting.


  2. Just one thing, on the link at the end, thought the Triumverate paintscheme was white armor and green symbio-stuff as shown in HSN3?


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