Infinity Factions 2018, Artichoked

Game Theory, Smelly Humans

Here is my summer 2018 version of a popular article from last year—my rating of each faction and sectorial in Infinity.  As last time, I’ll deduct a point or two if the models are old, ugly, or out of production.  Of course, Infinity is much better balanced than many other wargames out there:  On a raw comparison, no faction should get less than 2/5 or 3/5.  But if I am going to give a faction a 5/5, then someone has to get a 1/5.  Here we go:


Top 3 Infinity Factions

Game Theory, Smelly Humans

Infinity players like to believe that Infinity is perfectly balanced.  We’ve met or watched or posted with staff like Bostria, HellLois, and Gutier, and we’ve played horribly imbalanced games like X-Wing and 40K, and this game and its creators just feel better.  But, if the ITS statistics are anything to go by, and the salt of the forum, and my personal experience, it is most definitely false that all factions are created equal.  This is the S-Tier, these are my top 3 Infinity factions.

I Have No Idea what I Think About Almost Every Unit in Infinity Now



The new DataTracker rule forces you to bring a unit who has to be a model on the table, and usually either has to kill something, sit on something, or just not die.  The more I look at the ITS9 missions, the more I am rethinking all the classically “bad” choices:  Spitfire Neema, Taqeul, Ectros―and beyond Tohaa―ORCs, Dragões, Squalos, Sogarats, Overdrons, Xeodrons…gah.  What is happening?