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Adepticon?  Not Adepticon, whatever the big tournament was last weekend.  Anyway, according to some pals who heard Bostria, there is nothing new for Tohaa to be released this year.

This is ridiculous.  Tohaa had plenty of room for expansion.  While we are the lowest played general faction, we are the most-played specific faction.  Or we were, last time they published numbers.

I can imagine a vicious cycle happening where the existing Tohaa players stop buying product and prospective Tohaa players avoid the ghost town.

So here is what I’m proposing:  I have most of the Infinity points formula deconstructed.  CB/Psychotic Storm has asked that such a formula deconstruction not be published.  I learned a fair bit of code years ago but I’m not a competent programmer.  (I’ll learn if there’s interest here regardless.).  Otherwise, if anyone or there is handy at HTML…

What I would like to do is create a fan-fic Army builder for Triumvirate, Exalted, and Errant Navy.  We can make strong sectorial options with existing units, with minimal creation of new entries.  I would rather open up that option, than bin Tohaa to play mercs all year.


I Have No Idea what I Think About Almost Every Unit in Infinity Now



The new DataTracker rule forces you to bring a unit who has to be a model on the table, and usually either has to kill something, sit on something, or just not die.  The more I look at the ITS9 missions, the more I am rethinking all the classically “bad” choices:  Spitfire Neema, Taqeul, Ectros―and beyond Tohaa―ORCs, Dragões, Squalos, Sogarats, Overdrons, Xeodrons…gah.  What is happening?