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The Kosuil threatened to overshadow Aelis when it arrived, and the Sukeul threatens to overshadow the Kosuil.  Power creep is a concern for me in Infinity, but while Tohaa is enjoying our golden age, let’s give the Kosuil a formal inspection.


The Kosuil is our dedicated explosives troop, with no kind of weakness beyond cost.  Don’t expect wonders from Bioimmunity.  Bioimmunity does jack shit on the Kosuil, since its BTS is negligibly higher than its ARM, and neither is retained when the Symbiont drops.  I have a hunch the “explosives troop” Kosuil was originally designed with Total Immunity, but a designer got cold feet and downgraded it.

But the Kosuil is a good unit, no bones about it.  I am sure many PanOceania and Combined Army players would be happy to have him.  Many Tohaa lists find a spot for a Kosuil.  If you had a slot to drop in a Sakiel specialist, the Kosuil often fits it better.  It’s definitely worth noting that for engineering purposes, the Kosuil is a wiser choice than a Kumotail, since the Kosuil has both a Symbiont and distinctly better attack capacity.

K1 ENGINEER  This profile is the right choice for lists that include Ectros, Gorgos, or Kaauri, or others may frequently need an Engineer’s maintenance.  The Nullifier is quite complimentary for this purpose, to nullify enemy hacking.  A WIP14 Engineer is also good for ITS missions.  Quite popular before the Sukeul, he is now often outshined, as BS13 and Mimetism is an extremely tempting trade for 3 or 4 points more than this Kosuil.

K1 MINELAYER  This profile is takes the explosive angle to an antipersonnel conclusion, and at 0 SWC, is the scroogiest way to start with a Mine in your deployment zone.  A superb direct action unit, this is the only way to get Mines in a Triad, allowing your Triad to pull off Neoterra-esque tactics.  You’ll see it more often in YAMS and 20×20 missions, however, since ITS is such a whore for Specialists.

SHOTGUN/PANZER  Last and greatest, she is the cheapest way to get both a Shotgun and a Symbiont in a Triad.  Panzerfaust is a good general ARO and anti-armor weapon.  Good loadout, good Symbiobomb candidate, good ITS Specialist, and good price make this Kosuil option the Best in Class.

It’s only WIP+1, but it’s worth noting that the Kosuil is a slightly better Symbiobomb candidate than most Symbiont troopers.  This value is more noticeable on Symbiobomb programs like Pandemonium.  He drops to WIP13 when he also drops the ability to apply the Symbiobomb, so use it or lose it.



The Vaderfist Kosuil is easy to assemble, and works flexibly for any Kosuil profile.  He also looks great.  If you like girl power and WYSIWYG models, the Shotgun Kosuil is your dame.  The Shotgun profile is also the international Tohaa community’s favorite loadout.

The Shotgun Kosuil’s Panzerfaust is packaged separately from the model on a filler flange.  If you expand the image below, you’ll notice that it lacks an obtruding socket.  Rather, it is grooved with a contour, to fit over Dame Kosuil’s back.  This makes it very practical for conversion purposes with other units like the Rocket Sakiel, Breaker/Panzer Neema Saatar, or Missile Sukeul.  Now, I thought her face looked awkward and unfocused, though I did like her action pose, so after a bit of pruning and greenstuffing…

…and painting…


…she turned out pretty nicely.  I use mostly Vallejo paints, but I use a Testors neon orange enamel for symbio-stuff.  Those symbiodreadlocks look gorgeous in the full light of day.  Tohaa as a strong “ambidextrous” theme in many of its models, and putting the Panzerfaust in her left hand makes more sense with the momentum of the pose.

That’s just me, anyway.  Looks like both Kosuils are popular models, and although they are not always an optimal unit, they are very fun models to work on.

I rate the Kosuil 3 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  With harsh competition of cheaper Sakiels and shootier Sukeuls, you might have a trouble fitting in a Kosuil, but a Kosuil is the great fit when you need one.


6 thoughts on “Kosuil Review

  1. Don’t really care for the shotgun/faust loadout, but that’s cause I’m generally more about getting that K1 combi as the better anti-armor threat. If I needed longer AT range… Sukeul Missile Launcher is something I’m kind of excited about trying. It’s in my next list but been a month+ since I last had a chance to play – somewhat at my own choice.
    Tough competition between them or a Sakiel w/ Nimbus as the third member of my non-ITS triad.


    1. Ah, well, you’re the Kosuil hipster then. 🙂 Most of us munchkins are looking at the K1 Kosuil and think, for just 3 points more, I get Veteran, Mimetism, and BS13 specialist! Zomg! If Bioimmunity ever covers more bio-things (I-Khol, Stun, Pheroware, etc.), it would greatly diversify the Kosuil/Sukeul choice, and other Bioimmunity troops that forumites squabble over.

      On the whole, I love how these newer profiles have mixed up Tohaa listbuilding. Tohaa lists were a bit redundant before Human Sphere / Tohaa Year.


      1. Well, more a contrarian than hipster, or so I’m told.
        I do love the Sukeul, but just one’s enough for me as I like the idea of diversifying units used, and she often ends up with the HMG or ML instead. (same convoluted reason why I hate the idea of using double Intruders in Nomads)
        Though, that 3pt difference would probably come into play for me there too as I am seemingly always short on fitting in everything I like anyways.


      2. I hear you. There is the me who loves to play things he loves, and then there is the me who munchkins his lists for only the “optimal” choices. I do love the K1 Kosuil model, so I try to find as many reasons to fit in the Minelayer profile as possible.
        Man, that reminds me, I have like 600 points of Nomads and I’ve only played them thrice this year.


  2. Great conversion on the ladysuil. Though I was befuddled at first with the panzerfaust and how to orient it.

    I need to stop assembling models while at work.


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