Life Priorities


So, I have been dragging my feet on writing a big 2-part battle report from a 2-day tournament last weekend, which (spoiler) I lost (or rather, placed 2nd) because in the very last order of the very last game, I got greedy, and let my opponent beat me in Frontline while I was up 100 army points.  RIP hubris.

But something else came up this week that has forced me to reprioritize how much, or whether at all, I will continue playing Infinity and therefore blogging.

Yet another shitfight happened on the forum because the puritans are butthurt over the Tech-Bee and want everyone else to be butthurt, too.


This will oppress women everywhere.


Anyway, so I mocked the puritans in the rant thread that separated from the monthly release thread, as one does.  The thread is here, if you care to read what I had to say.

One of the people who responded is a tournament organizer and major, long-time player in the area.  Today I received this message from him:


Now, he’s technically only banning me from his events, but he has huge social pull in these game stores.  So, this means that I will be persona non grata in most places to play Infinity in the good ol’ Social Justice capital of Seattle.

I won’t apologize to anyone for my beliefs, I won’t bend the knee to this stupid secular cult.  But I am not sure I now have any good reason to hold onto my Infinity stuff.  This might change come spring or fall quarter when I transfer to whatever university I transfer to, if I end up out of the Seattle area or out of Washington state.  But for now, being more or less forced to quit Infinity would actually be good on my wallet.  Of course, it would also mean that this blog will retire, or be passed to another reader to author it.

I’m pretty hot-necked at the moment, so I am going to give it a week before I go craigslisting my models.  Not sure for now what I’m going to do, but there’s the heads-up to my readers.

EDIT 11/16
Regarding the WarCor in question and WarCor/TOing in general:  report away.  But do not report him to CB to get him banned from WarCor/TO duties.  I have no interest in playing the game that Social Justice Warriors play.  It may look unreal, given our correspondence linked above, but he is a nice enough dude in real life, and while I am angry at his feminist anathema on me, I have seen him be great at promoting Infinity in his area.

But the politicking needs to go.  The WarCor page says that WarCors are there to promote Corvus Belli and their game, “an extension of ourselves”, acting representatives to players and new players.  For that reason alone, a player who thinks that Infinity encourages bigotry, should immediately feel personally disqualified, on the grounds that they could not be an extension of Corvus Belli’s bigotry.

So rather than ban that WarCor, an addendum or bylaw needs to be added, clearly defined before anyone signing onto the WarCor or ITS Tournament Organizer program, to explicitly prohibit that kind behavior in the future.  A demand should be made from some kind of addendum or bylaw looking like this:

Representatives of Corvus Belli agree to not discriminate against players on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, beliefs, or political affiliation, nor prohibit players from attending Infinity events on such bases.
sep.gifRepresentatives of Corvus Belli agree to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm Corvus Belli or our reputation, or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to Corvus Belli, such as describing Corvus Belli or our products as “sexist”, “misogynist”, “bigoted”, or other descriptions of negative or politically-charged nature.

That would clear up this crap immediately, and kill this precedent of any other Social Justice Warrior WarCors doing likewise in your community.  You can write a complaint at


EDIT 12/2
So no, I am not quitting Infinity and Tohaa.  Call it a “soft quit”.  It’s still gonna be weird to play in most nearby stores, but I do have a few friends who still want to hang out and play Infinity.  I did reach out to other Infinity locals after the forum spat, but the responses I received were underwhelming:  a lot of “well let’s wait and see.”  Not “damn dude, sorry you got banned, let’s connect soon,” but “wait and see.”  Ugh.

Because taxes are about to skyrocket in Washington state, and because I’ve never really gotten along with the political or religious status quo of Washington state, being banned from a hobby I’ve dumped at least $600 in is the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.  I plan to move out of Washington state―or at least, out of western Washington―to transfer to another state university that isn’t so saturated in left-wing progressivism, socialism, feminism, groupthink, islamophilia, anti-west and anti-American activism, and so many other antiliberal ideas which US universities are captivated by.

Without going too much into my personal life, my entire experience in Washington state has been either as a pariah because I left religion, or a pariah because I reject far-left politics.  I’ve spent my entire life in Washington, there’s very little left for me here, so enough’s enough.  Presuming a wargaming scene nearby whatever campus I end up in, I’ll resume the hobby full-bore in autumn.

In the meantime, I do have a few more articles in the draft, Vaarso Battlespeak fanfic language to publish, and some other surprises.  Hope everyone else is having a fun and politically neutral time with their hobbies. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Life Priorities

  1. Shame to see you leave the game, you’ve done wonders for the Tohaa community from reviews to even expanding the fluff and understanding of it.

    Hope to see you down the road again, and maybe across the table.


    1. I haven’t left yet. Still fuming and deliberating.
      What state do you live in? I’m fairly likely to leave Washington State in fall quarter for another state university. Taxes in Washington are going to get as crazy as the residents, after the last set of props got voted in.


      1. I’m in Kansas, I wouldn’t consider it the best place to be regarding taxes among other issues. But the social environment is more open depending on how rural or close to Douglas county you get.

        Sadly I’m in Douglas county, so opinions like your’s would sometimes turn a stinkeye on you. At least on campus here.


  2. Don’t let the bastards get to you. There looked to be people who were willing to go to bat for you in that thread, plenty of people who would have been willing to report that cockhead Warcor. But you told them to back off, and they listened. Personally I think you should have let people report Toad Child, if only because turnabout is fair play.

    But that’s just me and I don’t think there is anything wrong with ‘an eye for an eye’.

    But you have the moral high ground, so leverage it. He only specified ‘events he runs’, so why not run your own events or get behind other people who run events? It doesn’t sound like you’re banned from any stores so the gaming space is as much yours as it is theirs.

    And that’s really it, if you give up, if you sell off your models, if you stop playing and participating – then the bullies have won. They win if they break you or make you leave their presence. So the best thing you can do is to passively resist. To keep doing your thing, keep finding people to play with, keep being yourself and let people start asking the question “Well he’s not hurting anyone and he’s not going anywhere… why isn’t he allowed to play in tournaments you run ToadChild?”

    That’s my take on it anyway. As an aside, I know you don’t get paid to write this blog, but it was reading your Introduction to Tohaa guide that got me into Tohaa. Before then I dabbled with Aleph and Haqq, but over the last year having read everything you’ve written about Tohaa i’ve bought over 400pts worth of models and through many games i’ve been learning the core techniques for playing Tohaa!

    I would really hate to see this site go and I don’t think anyone else could provide as much information and knowledge on the faction as you can.


    1. You make good points. I must be very clear however that I don’t want to ruin the guy’s ability to play Infinity in the area, as he as to me. I don’t think it was ethical so I couldn’t encourage others to do what (to me) was basically the same.
      But I do encourage people to write to Corvus Belli to stamp out this feminist / social justice intrusion into their game. I updated this post with a link after reading your comment.


  3. Don’t roll over for these people now, they will export their hysterical, fun destroying, attitudes to whatever medium you find next anyway.

    Stay the course. Your footprint is wider than Seattle.


    1. Thanks dude. No, no roll. I don’t want to play the ban game with them, but I do think Corvus Belli needs to not permit their representatives to behave like that.
      But I do like a good fight. I updated the post here with a recommended report to send to Corvus Belli about this nonsense.


  4. Those kind of conversations are why I stay out of some sections of the forum and just stick to the hobby sections (Yu Jing, Access Guide to the Human Sphere, Miniatures…), it gets ugly fast and there are some people on those forums who love to throw their weight around at others. Some, I suspect, spend far too much time on there and live in a bubble. In fact I’m starting to withdraw from those forums more, It’s just such an opinionated and hostile place at times.

    I wouldn’t quit Infinity over it though, maybe just have a little hiatus. Unfollow stuff, switch off the notifications and give your mind a rest. It’s not the game’s fault and you shouldn’t punish yourself by quitting a game that you love over some heated forum arguments. If you sell off all your stuff I’m sure you’d regret it further down the lione. Don’t forget all of those man hours you have put in lovingly crafting and painting your miniatures, keep them even just to appreciate your own efforts. Even if you take a little gaming break it’s worth keeping them in case you want to demo with someone or meet a new player in the future, having the minis to hand even if they are stored away in a box somewhere is always worth it. Alternatively you could always play Rogue Stars when it is out next month, really awesome Sci Fi miniatures tabletop game which is super indepth and for engagements of 4-6 models versus another squad. Tohaa would fit the alien aesthetic perfectly in that as there are not predefined factions or miniatures as such.


    1. Thank you for the comment. To be fair, I don’t think I’m innocent in the ugliness depratment. But it was never in my cards to ban people I disagree with. Unfortunately, however, I cannot just withdraw from the forum to fix this. ToadChild’s anathema means I have to withdraw from most big stores. Mox, Card Kingdom, etc.
      Rogue Stars does indeed look super cool, but at the moment, I’m pretty burned on wargaming in general. Because my state’s taxes are getting so crazy, and because I am a political pariah in most urbanized areas in this state, I am planning at moving out of state to a more down-to-earth university for fall quarter. This would mean that by fall I would revisit wargaming. Otherwise, as it stands, I don’t see an easy answer, other than confessing my sins and converting to feminism and islamophilia.


      1. I’m just curious why do you have to withdraw from the stores? Surely if you turn up for a pickup game people are not going to reject you are they based on some off topic forum discussions? I know he banned you from ITS events but the general players in your area should still be up for some friendly games right? Some of them might not even care about what went on in the forums. Obviously I don’t know your community (and maybe culture with me being in the UK) but it would be a strange thing for players not to play friendly games with someone they didn’t even argue with. If you are friendly and polite and amicable I can’t see them refusing to play a game with you.


      2. Without going into the WarCor’s personal life, and keeping it more geographical, the WarCor has personal connections to the Seattle store, which is also the parent store of my previous home store. Another store moved closer within a couple miles of me in the past months, but the tournament organizer there is friends with the WarCor. Another store also opened this year, and it’s 2 blocks from me, but it’s super-small hole-in-the-wall, not really a tabletop wargame store. Mostly MTG, Pathfinder, and X-Wing at the moment. So I have one major store that’s at the moment okay with me showing up, and a tiny store that has no Infinity scene. There are other stores far outside the Seattle area where this wouldn’t be an issue, but they’d be like a 2-hour drive, and I sold my car earlier this year to cut costs with school. So: getting in games is spotty, and doing tournaments is increasingly out of the question. I haven’t broached the topic with the other tournament organizer (although I must at some point) but for now I am keeping a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy regarding my politics (or rather, in many of these cases, anti-politics). With the WarCor, I hadn’t known that I bothered him so much, until after he banned me. Our games were always polite, if not friendly.

        Ironically enough, the one person who is most happy to keep playing with me is a left-wing Asian transgender person. We do shoot the shit over politics and beliefs and such, but it’s never threatened our friendship or our ability to play Infinity.


  5. On the one hand, makes me sad to think about all the very cringe-worthy stupidity and drama I must’ve missed since leaving the forum, especially once Trump won the election and drove all the liberals further out of their minds. On the other hand, their ignorance, smugness, and self-righteous attitudes/egos are exactly why I quit the forum.

    Glad I won’t ever have to deal with them again (although it’s not like the over-saturation of SJWs everywhere else online is any better either) while lucky enough that the guys in my group don’t seem to much, if any, pay attention to politics themselves.


    1. Their ignorance, smugness, and self-righteous attitudes/egos are exactly why Trump is in the White House, what’s more.

      If you told me 10 years ago that the Religious Right would leave and take over the Regressive Left, I would have scoffed.


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