Tunguska Tryouts

Game Theory, Wacky Nomads

Last week, I gave the small crop of Tunguska units a try as a sectorial, presuming a few things like Fireteam: Core on the Grenzers, and AVA2 (at least, hopefully!) Transductors, with my opponent’s permission.  Here’s the result of that game and my thoughts on “Tunguska” as-is.


Infinity Factions, Artichoked

Game Theory, Smelly Humans

My thoughts on Infinity’s factions after 12 months of Human Sphere.  Because I am rating factions on a scale of 1 to 5, I don’t see how it’s meaningful unless at least 1 faction gets a 1 artichoke rating, and another gets a 5 artichokes rating.  This rating considers factional context, and model availability and obsolescence.  On a strict rate of balance, nothing would get lower than a 2 or 3.  With that said:

Post-Game Talk #2: Back to the Game Board, New Blood, No Fury

Game Theory, Stupid PanO

After a month or so of being off the saddle, I returned to good ol’ Mox yesterday.  I was ready with my satchel full of Tohaa again, but a recent conversation on the official forum about Infinity’s least-loved faction had me curious.
Acontecimento Shock Army Starter Pack

As the previous post-game talk, this is a stream-of-consciousness article.  If you like run-on Infinity discussion, this is for you!