Tohaa 302: The 16-Inch Eyeball


An important skill is to be able to appraise the distance between targets, before measuring.  Most of the time, when an opponent calls me “smart”, I’m not being smart, I’m just setting myself up for good ranges for me, and bad ranges for him.  It’s good to be able to appraise distance, generally, but specifically 16 inches is the most common and perhaps most important range band in Infinity, and particularly with Tohaa and our various Combi Rifle flavors.  Here are some tips for finding that all-to-often-crucial sweet spot for the Tohaa arsenal.

Terracrux Tournament in Tacoma


I was going to do more elegant battle reports like my Wotan ones, but going back through my phone, I missed at least half the pictures I needed, and greased at least a dozen more, so here’s a briefing followup post to the previous post, regarding this tournament.  It was a tourney of mostly newbies, so two handicap Tohaa lists fought at Terracrux:  no Symbiomates, no MSV2; and in one list, no Triads.

Points as Power

Game Theory

The forum is always stoking a discussion about varies troops in Infinity being overpowered or underpowered.  An occasionally credible naysayer will say, “No, anything can work,” which is true, but I think the fundamental point that player frustrations center around is not specific combos of units, but the relative costs of their abilities.  This is an article inspired from a recent Infinity Discord chat with Teslarod on the topic.


Campaigns, Home


The Tohaa heard the distress call from their allies, the humans.  Wotan, a critical gate which jumped deep into humanity’s territory, was exposed.  A Daraani corvette rushed to Wotan and beheld a great fight.  But then, the Tohaa heard a message come from the Nomads:  “Aid us or lose your ship.”

The Nomads, longtime rebels of the two greatest nations of humanity, PanOceania and Yu Jing, was the instigator of the Wotan emergency.  It was reported that the Nomads were ferrying Shasvastii.  But the commander of the Daraani corvette winced.  “We submit.  Whom would you like us to strike?”