Triumvirate Sectorial!

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From the Spanish forum.  Man, I’m almost tired of being right.


Confirming my suspicion, looks like the Triumvirate are getting their own “Kamael”. The Ladael evokes Kamael, Kaeltar, and Kerail. I’m still going with my forum guess of a Tohaa “celestial guard”, BS11 PH10 WIP14 BTS3, with a cheap toss-in skill like Hyperdynamics L1.


Oh man.  Oh man oh man oh man…

So… Sakiel logo, so Sakiels (pseudo)confirmed.  Love the Triumvirate symbiont palette.  I’m guessing this guy will be a fairly basic Sakiel with a couple upgrades.  Breaker Combi is a given.  But it looks like he has no Nimbus grenades, so I’m guessing a simple bump like BS13 or WIP14, and some Specialist skill, about 20 points like the new SpecOps characters.  Maybe impetuous.  Maybe our first Phacker?  Maybe Sakiel SpecOps!?  I’ll hold my breath.


Damn awesome.  Two things I notice: the legs are basically identical to Kotail legs.  And the arm tubes look a helluva lot like the Kosuil. So Bioimmunity and Super-Jump, I think, or Bioimmunity and 6-4.  If they’re anything like that, and also linkable, I’ll flip my shit. The black mask could be MSV, but, lots of Tohaa wear masks.

Rumor mill is on the forums.  I’ll post any new news as I hear it.  Happy weekend

April Fools… durr


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