My Thoughts on Recent Triumvirate Spoilers



So, a spoiler came in last week that the new Triumvirate sectorial is “in theory…something like a Tohaa sectorial composed of mercenaries and some ‘current’ troops, like the Igao.”

I don’t see this as good news.  “Mercenaries + some Tohaa” could be good news to collectors who already have a breadth of bootleg or mercenary models, or who have acquired such models from merc-centric armies such as ISS and Qapu Khalqi, but to a principally Tohaa player and fan, that guts the hype for me.

If Onyx is anything to go by, our alien sectorial will be a real jambalaya, too.  The Corvus Belli designers may be freshly squeamish from the hot reception to Human Sphereso, unsure of how to add to the already powerful Tohaa, they have opted to add tangentially, so as not to add to Tohaa itself―as the way new ALEPH options “added” to PanOceania’s Acontecimento options, but explicitly not to PanOceania’s options itself.  Not a fan, but I’m willing to be surprised.

So, some preliminary reasonable predictions:

Yuan-Yuans are more or less a confirmed addition for the Triumvirate.  I don’t expect Makauls for that reason, but because Kerails are a new unit with a new pattern logo, Kerails and Yuan-Yuans will be this sectorial’s smoke sources.

“We are bad, but we can be worse” is the Druze motto, fitting right in with the evil Triumvirate Tohaa.  Druze offer a suite of options and good Hacker profiles which will be useful to the Triumvirate.  Druze also have received some recent models, and make obvious business sense to include in the sectorial.  They mightn’t look worth the points next to our Symbionts, but you should expect our Symbiont to get a nerf in rules or hike in price in the next book, as it’s undervalued by at least 2 points at the moment.  Druze would be a proper Fireteam: Core option, especially if a Sukeul can be added.


Like Yuan-Yuans, Bashi Bazouks are space pirates for hire, and their holoprojector shenanigans should jive as well as something can jive with the random hodgepodge that this sectorial is bound to be.

Loath to give Tohaa a real hacker, the hire-a-hacker Wardriver may find a home in the Triumvirate, since Ariadna is still waiting on the model, and Corvus Belli will want to sell more of it.  Since we know that the Tohaa has meddled on Ariadna, the Triumvirate would certainly have contacts with Wardrivers.

Le Muet has been pushed out with a couple models, and I have a certain feeling that we won’t see the Gao-Rael in Triumvirate, so Le Muet will be our stand-in.  This may also point to actual “Tohaa mercenaries”; that is, new Tohaa mercenaries that are Tohaa by race, not by faction.  I doubt that to be the primary mercenary direction, however, as Tohaa are Corvus Belli’s least-selling faction.

Evil sectorial?  Why not evil mercs?  Krakots seem like an obvious inclusion.  They were originally billed as having Fireteam: Duo, and you can see the vestigials of that would their AVA2, so they may regain Duo in the Triumvirate.

Scarface or an Anaconda should be in, though I would wager on the Anaconda, because the Anaconda is unsubtly listed as a “Black Hand” bad merc TAG, and because Tohaa gets garbage TAGs.  Since Kosuils are virtually guaranteed to be in Triumvirate, we are also guaranteed to get something to repair.  And that brings us to the Tohaa themselves:

Kosuils are a penal regiment, so that’s Triumvirate fodder if I’ve ever heard it.  I expect Kosuils to be linkable with Kaauri, since Kaauri are another newcomer, and Corvus Belli has been experimenting with mixed drone links like Nexus/Umbra + Unidrons and Danavas + Dakini.  1-2 Kosuils + 3-4 Kaauri would be quite a strong link.

I doubt that Kaauri will not show up in the Triumvirate sectorial.  Corvus Belli tends to release sectorial troops 1-2 years ahead of the sectorial itself, so these seem likely, especially with their counter-espionage gear.

Background-wise, the Kerail does not seem to fit in with the Triumvirate, but his logo sure does.  That’s a strong indicator.

Here we see another new unit with the Tolkien three-diamond highlight, the Sukeul.  With dark overtones as a perpetually-resurrected secret agent unit, the Sukeul seems like obvious evil Tohaa fodder.  I reaffirm the idea that the Sukeul would be better balanced being  linkable in sectorial but not in generic.

The ponderous Taqeul is another new entry.  I am still unsure of Corvus Belli’s direction with this unit.  Corvus Belli loves Regeneration and AutoMedikit, and want people to use them, although those skills are priced stupidly for their utility.  As it is a new entry―expect it in Triumvirate.

Kaeltars aren’t particularly “dark”, but because they were added by Corvus Belli to add strength to this unpopular faction, they seem a likely addition.  The Kaeltar logo does have echoes to the Taqeul and Kosuil, albeit in orange.


The Rasail is a “boarding team”, and the Triumvirate are clandestine operators―and the Rasail is a newer release―so I think it is a likely candidate.  What’s more, the Rasail has a unique paint scheme that does not fit squarely with the traditional military Tohaa scheme, a tertiary hint to me.  And again, we see echoes of that circle with three stubby points, customary to the new logos, as well as a lone Tolkien diamond.

Traditional Remotes may make an appearance.  There are a couple reasons for this―we know that Nomads sell their Zond chassis to Haqqislam.  But the Wotan narrative, if it has a drop of narrative impact, has Tohaa currently conspiring with the Nomads.  This would give Corvus Belli an excuse to axe Chaksas in Triumvirate, and add traditional mechanical Remotes.  Traditional Remotes would also grant further differentiation from the parent faction, and secure the “Mercenaries + some Tohaa” that they have decided upon.


Clipsos are military intelligence, so of course they will have been compromised by the Triumvirate.  I see the Clipsos going two ways:  either they will be a throw-in AVA1 troop for the Triumvirate, or will gain full complementary AVA in Triumvirate, but see their generic Tohaa AVA reduced to 2.

And of course, the stealth operative Igao, confirmed by Gutier himself, will make a showing in the sectorial.  She’s a good unit, though I doubt many players will take more than two.

Combined Army’s Maakrep Tracker is the OG evil Tohaa.  Melkiach from Spain pointed out that this was a (confirmed) Triumvirate unit, which makes a ton of sense from the Triumvirate stub in Human Sphere.  The Maakrep is not the best MSV2 unit, but it will be useful with all the free smoke from our Yuan-Yuans.


And following, wishlist predictions.  These are both what I would like to see, and could reasonably see existing, though I do not necessarily expect such things, especially with the hypeflattening news:


I shopped that back for the troll post, but, I could certainly see a new Tohaa “Kamael”.  Presuming that the Sakiel gets an adjustment back to Impetuous, or a bit of a price hike, there would be room for a Tohaa’s “Celestial Guard” for the Triumvirate.  I would stat it at CC13 BS11 PH10 WIP14 ARM1 BTS3 W1, and give it a toss-in skill like Zero G terrain to bump its price up to 14.  Put a few interesting profiles, put it AVA2 in generic Tohaa, and subtly expand Triad options, without throwing in some new 3-Wound Mimetism monster.

A linkable Nikoul has been shyly requested several times, and if it’s going to be anywhere, it should be in a sectorial.  The Nikoul would fit in particularly well if the Gao-Rael is not given a place in the Triumvirate, but as the Nikoul is served as a military morale-booster in the fluff, I don’t really expect to see it.


There’s a clear need for a lone, potent Tohaa Symbiont dude for the Kotail to pretend to be.  Three years later, and Chaksa Auxiliar is still the only real option for the Kotail.  This “Kekeul” I imagined as a MOV6-4 Mimetism Nanopulser Frenzy unit, a soloist whom the Kotail could pass off as being one or two of in order to get the jump 😉 on the enemy.

Image result for biohazard symbol

It’s about time we had a basic Symbiont trooper with Metachemistry, and another Doctor option.  I don’t need them to be Triad-able, I just want them to exist as options.  This ties in with the “Kekeul” footnote above.  Triumvirate would be a good time for these, among other things, which is why I am so flummoxed over the “Mercenaries + some Tohaa” direction.

The one clearest example of nihilistic evil in the Tohaa is from a Gao-Tarsos blurb in the backstory book, where the paratrooper kills a Haqqislamite woman because muh shades of grey morality.  I want the bastard in with the evil Tohaa because of that.

Why doesn’t Tohaa haven’t an Impersonator yet?  They should!  It doesn’t need to overshadow the Speculo or the Fiday, or even overshadow our existing options.  You could make a nice little Impersonator with CC20, BS11, a Combi Rifle, a Shock CCW, and Specialist Operative, and hey ho, it would be different from everything, and not the least bit “overpowered”.  Instead we’ll get Yuan-Yuans.

And the Corahtar Discipline L2 stub was removed from the Infinity wiki, so it looks like that skill is off the table now.  Perhaps that was too good to be true.

All in all, I am not excited about this Triumvirate sectorial.  It simply sounds like a way for the company to focus selling units of more popular human entities.  I can’t fault them for that, as a business.  But I am happy, to say the least, that I’ve invested in other armies.


EDIT 8/12/17
So, the Cube Jäger is a mercenary of the Tohaa Master Race due to arrive in the coming months, and of course due to arrive in our little mercs+some Tohaa sectorial.

I have very low expectations for the model, since mercenaries, by the panacean nature, must have unoptmized profiles.  We know that it will be available to all factions, so that tells me no Smoke (PanO), no Hackings (Tohaa, Ariadna), and no extreme Close Combat skills (JSA be damned).  My expectations for the Cube Jäger lay down to this sort of ballpark:

Cube Jägers, Mercenary Hunters
Regular, Impetuous
MOV4-4  CC20  BS12  PH12  WIP13  ARM1  BTS3  W1  S2
Skills:  Kinematika L1 • Martial Arts L3 • Scavenger

CUBE JÄGER 2 Submachine Guns / Pistol, Monofilament CCW, Knife. (0 | 22)
CUBE JÄGER Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Monofilament CCW, Knife. (0 | 24)

Something like that would have some utility, and would certainly be useful for missions where some kind of anti-materiel skills are needed, but I will keep my hype very low.  In a wet bag.  Under my bed.  Covered in dust.  Next to my Gorgos.


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