In Case You Missed Them:

Reviews & Previews

A new Kaauri pair, a Sukeul, and a Gorgos pilot, are all on the horizon.


Great!  But also not so great.  You might immediately notice that these bodies are mirror dollies of the original Kaauri:


(Mirorred from the studio Kaauri photo of previous set)

This is of course lazy economic sculpting, but I definitely wouldn’t mind more lazy economic sculpting if it meant more releases.

Here’s the high-res shot of Madame Sukeul’s digital sculpt.  We were told the HMG sculpt would be first, a bummer for some; but I think K1 Combi here will be an overall better first model for the Sukeul loadouts.  Though I must say I find the pose very wonky.


And for all you hateful, misogynist, chauvinist, oppressors of women in gaming out there, you will be happy to know we finally have a Gorgos pilot on the way:


(Mislabelled as Sukeul)



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