New Tohaa Units?

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Yes, I’m still alive.  Another comic?  What?

It’s been a bleak year for Tohaa releases.  Yet it may be a bumper crop for Tohaa profiles.  It is 99% certain that there are several new units on the Tohaa horizon:  This morning, some savvy users discovered logos hidden (like most of the internet) in unlinked pages on Corvus Belli’s website.  Unfortunately, since the discovery this morning, some of those logos have been taken down.

Fortunately, I downloaded them for our viewing pleasure.  As it is, I know nothing that I can say about what they are but for their numerology:


Sukeul.  The soft color palette says “support” to me, but then, Tohaa does have a rather soft palette overall.  Bullshit guess is a linkable Doctor with Biometric Visor or some new Human Sphere skills.

Alternative bullshit guess is a soft new Line Troop for a new sectorial.  The Sukeul logo also thematically ties to the Kosuil and Kerail, which may be indicative of future sectorials.

EDIT 3/28―This is the Human Sphere week from Beasts of War, and Tohaa enjoyed an inconceivably excellent set of profiles:


Wishlisters, that was your genie.


Taqeul.  Looks really hip.  Also says “Symbiobugs” to me.  We know that one of the new releases will handle Symbiobugs, and going purely by impressionistic color, this feels like the right one.

Apolo on the Spanish forums pointed out that the Taquel logo shares stylistically similarities to the Ectros logo.  I am inclined to think the following logo is our new “heavy” one, but it was a noteworthy point.

EDIT 04/01—The Taqeul is indeed our Symbiobug handler!  The Taquel is an adroit new officer for the Tohaa army, bringing both Chain of Command and Advanced Command skills.


Dielsur.  Sounds like diesel.  Painter extraordinaire Scarecrow had a great idea a while back for a Silhouette 5 Tohaa Heavy Infantry, à la Azra’il.  This logo looks badass, and I’d love a big badass to boot.

EDIT 03/25―I got the attention of the right honourable Bostria, who corrected us and gave us with the actual name of this mythical unit:  the Kaauri Sentinels.  The full correspondence and speculation may be viewed here.

EDIT 04/01—Haha, way off!  Kaauri Sentinels appear to be the Tohaa’s new pupil race.  A small, visor-laden little hunter-guardian.  I am pleased!


Regarding other rumors—if you’re a PanO player, the Locust rumor was real.  Here’s my fan photoshopped faux Locust to tide you over until the real one appears:


Hope everyone’s having a jolly 2016.  The new Human Sphere is upon us!


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