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All profiles are now up on Army 6.

More information regarding the Tohaa overhaul revealed since Adepticon attendees came home with their new Infinity books, and I am continuing to compile everything relevant I hear here, for one big Human Sphere spoiler superpost.

I had been a bit dour about the Tohaa, after the minimal quantity of Tohaa releases in the past 18 months.  Yet my dourness was simply mistaken:  Corvus Belli planned to release the Human Sphere book on Christmas of last year, but decided to postpone.

Rightly so!  Better to finish a thing right, than to serve a half-baked product.  Human Sphere looks like excellent product, and Tohaa received exceptional attention.  Let’s start with the bad news first:


RIP, Swarm Grenades.

Tohaa’s Swarm Grenades are gone.  The Swarm Grenades were fun, but difficult to use.  There were a few players who will be grieved at this news, and I shall have to addend my Infiltrator Tactics article.  This change is not all bad news, however:  Where Swarm Grenades once buzzed, Nimbus Plus Grenades now spring up.  More on that later.

And that’s really it for the bad news.  The following are all the positive new tweaks:


Nullifiers are useful.

Nullifiers were already useful, in effect, but in delivery, they were dicey.  We Tohaa players seemed to have universal bad luck with the WIP roll required to deploy a Nullifier.  No more:  Deploying a Nullifier only costs a Short Skill, like deploying an Antipersonnel Mine, with no WIP roll required.

I-Khol spreads its love.

A subtle but important change, I-Khol now affects Face-to-Face rolls in close combat, not just Close Combat rolls.  Thus, Makauls and Igaos can impart their -3 I-Khol penalty to enemy Dodge and BS Attack AROs.

Fireteams > Impetuous.

A recurring and credible rumor was that the Impetuous disability regarding Partial Cover rules would apply to Impetuous troopers in Fireteams in this new Human Sphere book.  The rumor was apparently only that―a rumor.  The Fury state is fully suppressed, as normal.  Keep painting those miniatures.

Nanoscreen = forcefield.

Nanoscreen is now a state, and provides 360° Partial Cover to the wearer.  So Nanoscreen is basically a forcefield or shield.  No token necessary.  However, the Nanoscreen still has the fire-sensitive trait, allowing enemies to burn it off.  Our Rasails therefore still need to be wary of flamethrowers.

SMGs changed.

N2 SMGs fired Shock ammunition.  N3 SMGs fired AP.  HSN3 SMGs can fire either Shock or AP.  Great news for our Kerail and Kaauri profiles.

Stun grenades.

Flash Grenades were replaced with Stun Grenades.  Stun ammunition requires two BTS rolls by the victim(s), the failure of either of which will put the victim in the Stunned state.  Stunned prohibits attacks of any kind, and imparts a -3 penalty to rolls until the end of the player turn.  Stun affects both Wound and Structure units.

MULTI weapons also gained B1 Stun ammunition, although still only Armand the Mercenary has MULTI weaponry in Tohaa.

Nimbus Plus Grenades.

Nimbus is basically a poor man’s smoke grenade.  Nimbus ammunition is targetless, like smoke, meaning that you can throw it anywhere.  It hampers shots in or out, but does not prohibit shots, like actual smoke.  Nimbus Plus imparts -6 to rolls and -2 to burst to anyone drawing Line of Fire through it, and can’t be helped by Visors, making it usually undesirable to use for offensive BS attacks.

However, where Nimbus Plus Grenades truly shines is in combo with a template weapon.  A Sakiel now may plop Nimbus around a corner, then tag team a Makaul or Ectros to step in and drop a template through the Nimbus.  This would impart a -6 to either Dodge or BS Attacks to any opponent receiving the hit.   A Nimbus Clipsos and Combi Igao could do the same thing with the Igao’s Nanopulser.  And a Nimbus Clipsos becomes utterly unshootable through Nimbus by all but BS13+ units.

“Fireteam: Tohaa” has been renamed “Fireteam: Triad“.

A minor change, but good nomenclature helps clarity in a game, and “triad” has been our parlance for Tohaa fireteams since the first book.  Tohaa Triads can also benefit from the new Fireteam: Duo rules.  Although we will not be able to voluntarily form a Duo, a Triad can be reduced to a functional Duo, should one member of the Triad fall from the group.  The Duo may be uninteresting to those who crave Fireteam firefight bonuses, but, the linked mobility is retained.  I welcome this update!

Long skills return to fireteams.

Many players from Second Edition felt that the prohibition of Long Skills in Fireteams from Third Edition, was an unnecessary and inelegant balancer.  This prohibition has been essentially removed.  Hackers in Fireteams may use Supportware without ejecting themselves from links, and Speculative Fire and Intiutive Attacks may be attempted within Fireteams, but do not receive the +1 Burst bonuses.  Suppressive Fire still ejects a fireteam member from the Fireteam, however.

Fire now just kills Symbionts, not Symbiont troopers.  A small change with big consequences.

Symbiont soldiers no longer instagib when failing rolls against Fire Ammunition.  Instead, Fire Ammunition now kills the Active Symbiont.  Thus, Gorgos, the Rasails, and the Ectros regiments may be a little more cavalier around fire, although playing with fire may still damage them horribly.  But 1-wound Symbiont troopers now have no specific weakness to fire―combined with their new costs, as you will see below, makes Tohaa even tastier.

Symbionts also no longer insta-fail Guts rolls when the Symbiont dies.  This will be useful to dedicated ARO troopers you may use.


And on to the truly new things:


This is the new Tohaa White Hacker Device.

The pure hacking device, as Bostria called it.  It is much alike the old Defensive Hacker Device, except that tremendous usefulness has been added to such Hackers through the fine print bonuses of this hacking device.  The White Hacker Device, as you can read, effectively grants Sixth Sense L1 to the hacker wielding it.

And Kamael Hackers now receive a White Hacker Device.  In addition, the SWC cost of the device, and the sniper rifles, has been reduced to 0.5 on Kamael profiles.  This is very good news to those who like to capitalize their SWC.


New Symbiocritters.

No models yet―but in addtion to our Symbiobombs and Symbiomates and Symbiobeasts, Human Sphere introduces Symbiobugs.  Symbiobugs are biological CrazyKoalas, which target BTS, and impart the Targeted state to their victim, regardless of success.  Symbiobugs can even be “refilled” by a Baggage Auxiliar.  And Tohaa seems to have a new pupil race…


Biometric Visors.

The new Kaauri, as you will see below, are one of a handful of new units to receive the Biometric Visor equipment.  The Biometric Visor is equipment to counteract Holoprojectors and Impersonators.

A Kaauri has a Biometric Visor L2, which ignores the WIP penalties and Surprise Shot penalties of Impersonation states and Holoprojector equipment.  The Visor also grants a WIP+3 bonus to Discover rolls against such targets.  Coupled with its Sixth Sense L2 and MSV1, the Kaauri will be an excellent natural counteragent to Ariadna, Nomads, and Shasvastii.


Holoprojector L2 revamped.

If you aren’t a Kotail fanboy, this will not knock your socks off, but Holoprojector now acts more like Camouflage.  A trooper facing an enemy Holoprojector unit, like our Kotail, may now delay their ARO declaration against the Kotail.  However, if the Kotail reveals itself, the victim suffers the Surprise Shot penalty.  This also means that if an opponent elects to delay, the Kotail can keep running along freely.

At the start of your reactive turn, your Kotail’s Holoprojector L2 automatically resets, if your Kotail is not in view of an opponent.  It will be advantageous and important to withdraw your Kotail from combat at the end of each round, to regain obscurity for subsequent engagements.

Holoprojector L2 may also be combined with the effects of Holoprojector L1.  This will allow for some ruthless new metagaming.  A Kotail could act as 3 HMG Chaksas, with or without other HMG Chaksas mingle among, to the paralyzing confusion of your opponent.  Paired with Gao-Tarsos and Clipsos would grant further obscurity.  By allowing our enemy to delay their ARO, you could argue that the direct power of Holoprojector has diminished.  Yet, the tactical flexibility of Holoprojector has surely tripled.


Pheroware gets more love.

Symbiomates now block all hits in an order, instead of just flamethrower hits.  This effectively allows Symbiomate troopers an “Iron Curtain” powerup, a one-shot invulnerability.  Symbiobombs, on the other hand, gained an expanded range of programs, able to Stun up to 3 miniatures in a single Bomb through the “Pandemonium” program, or to heal an Unconscious model through the new “First Aid” program, or to patch up a damage Symbiont Armor through the new “Revitalis” program.  Note that Revitalis cannot be used to restore an inactive Symbiont―it can only be used to restore a Wound on an active Symbiont.  Thus, the Ectros, Rasail, or Gorgos may wish to take a Symbiobomb to toughen up on the fly.

Complete information on Pheroware may be found of Beasts of War’s Infinity Week.


And the new profiles―this is the artichoke juice we wanted to see.

The Sukeul, above, is a minmaxer’s delight.  The Sukeul brings heavy firepower, accuracy, and survivability to any Tohaa triad.  While I did predict such a unit months ago, I did not seriously expect for us to receive such a unit in this book.  I expected it to release around the prospective Acheron Falls.  And I expected such a unit to be a very expensive Heavy Infantry.   The Sukeul is very welcome indeed, a masterful light infantry.  Mathy players among us will quickly see why the Sukeul is such an important unit.


For the rest of the Tohaa profiles, I cannot share fluff or book pictures, due to Corvus Belli’s understandable ban on art republication―but I can share the dossiers and profile stats.  Thank you so much again to Alister kindly to share your book and time!



Regular, LI

MOV4-4  CC12  BS11  PH10  WIP13  ARM0  BTS3  STR1  S1  AVA:4
Multispectral Visor L1  •  Biometric Visor L2  •  Sixth Sense L2

KAAURI SENTINELS  •  Submachine Gun, 2 Nanopulsers, Nullifier  •  Pistol, Electric Pulse  •  (0 | 12)
KAAURI SENTINELS  •  Boarding Shotgun, Nullifier  •  Pistol, Electric Pulse  •  0 | 15
KAAURI SENTINELS  •  Sniper Rifle  •  Pistol, Electric Pulse  •  0.5 | 19
KAAURI SENTINELS (Pheroware T: Nimbus Sphere)  •  Combi Rifle, Nullifier  •  Pistol, Electric Pulse  •  0 | 17


Oh man!  Wonderful profiles.  The combination of Visors and Sixth Sense allow the Kaauri to be perfect deployment zone guardians, as well as active hunters.  I am a glutton for Sniper Rifles, and will be using that profile often.  And look!  Kaauri are Silhouette 1.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think the Kaauri are Tohaa’s new pupil race.



TAQEUL Officers
Regular, MI

Active Symbiont:
MOV4-2  CC14  BS13  PH11  WIP14  ARM3  BTS6  W1  S2  AVA:2
Symbiont Armor  •  Regeneration  •  V: Courage

Inactive Symbiont:
MOV4-4  CC13  BS13  PH10  WIP14  ARM0  BTS0  W1  S2
Symbiont Armor  • Regeneration  •  V: Courage

TAQEUL (Chain of Command)  •  Combi, Symbiobugs  •  Pistol, Knife  •  0 | 34
TAQEUL (Chain of Command)  •  Viral Combi, Symbiobugs  •  Pistol, Knife  •  0 | 40
TAQEUL (Chain of Command)  •  Spitfire, Symbiobugs  •  Pistol, Knife  •  1.5 | 40
TAQEUL Lieutenant (Advanced Command)  •  Combi, Symbiobugs  •  Pistol, Knife  •  0 | 34
TAQEUL Lieutenant (Advanced Command)  •  Viral Combi, Symbiobugs  •  Pistol, Knife  •  0 | 40
TAQEUL Lieutenant (Advanced Command)  •  Spitfire, Symbiobugs  •  Pistol, Knife  •  1.5 | 40


A strong new profile, a fetching name, new Symbiobugs, and a new Chain of Command option, and a new Advanced Command profile.  The professionalism of the Tohaa army is really stacking up.



Regular, Frenzy, HI, Hackable

Active Symbiont:
MOV4-4  CC21  BS13  PH14  WIP15  ARM3  BTS9  W2  S2  AVA:1
Symbiont  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  Martial Arts L2  •  Kinematika L1

Inactive Symbiont:
MOV4-4  CC21  BS12  PH12  WIP15  ARM0  BTS0  W1  S2
Symbiont Armor  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  Martial Arts L2

NEEMA • Breaker Combi, Panzerfaust, Nanopulser • Viral Pistol, Shock CCW • 0 | 41 pts
NEEMA • Spitfire, Nanopulser • Viral Pistol, Shock CCW • 2 | 43 pts
NEEMA Lieutenant (Adv Command) • Breaker Combi, Panzerfaust, Nanopulser • Viral Pistol, Shock CCW • +1 | 46 pts
NEEMA Lieutenant (Adv Command) • Spitfire, Nanopulser • Viral Pistol, Shock CCW • 1.5 | 48 pts


Neema Saatar sadly lost her Rocket Launcher, making her less of a crowd-clearing brute than she once was.  However, her rifles options expanded, and the Panzerfaust will be good in her hands.  Her exceptional Willpower is now better represented by a tempered Frenzy, and the Advanced Command skill―a skill vital for a faction whose fireteams are vulnerable to breakage.  Note that Neema’s Breaker Combi Lieutenant profile also adds an extra SWC to your supply.



Regular, HI, Hackable

Active Symbiont:
MOV4-4  CC19  
BS13  PH14  WIP13  ARM3  BTS6  W2  S2  AVA:4
Symbiont  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  V: Courage  •  Kinematika L1

Inactive Symbiont:
MOV4-4  CC19  BS12  PH11  WIP13  ARM0  BTS0  W1  S2
Symbiont  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  V: Courage

ECTROS  •  Viral Combi, Nanopulser  •  Pistol, Shock CCW  •  0 | 43
ECTROS  •  HMG, Nanopulser  •  Pistol, Shock CCW  •  2 | 45
ECTROS  •  Vulkan Shotgun, Nanopulser  •  Pistol, Shock CCW  •  0 | 38
ECTROS Lt  •  Viral Combi, Nanopulser  •  Pistol, Shock CCW  •  0 | 43


The Ectros received a much-wanted facelift.  The Sukeul momentarily worried us that he might steal the Ectros’ spotlight.  But the Ectros has become a Heavy Infantry to be proud of, and much less expensive to field.  His lowered cost is a trifle surprising, given how much less of a liability the Symbiont Armor is.  Very worthy of note is the bogglingly cheap Vulkan Ectros, a 38-point close-range powerhouse.



Regular, TAG, Hackable

Active Symbiont:
MOV6-4  CC18  BS14  PH16  WIP13  
ARM7  BTS9  W3  S7  AVA:1
Symbiont Armor  •  Advanced ECM  •  Kinematika L1

Inactive Symbiont:
MOV4-4  CC15  BS12  PH11  WIP13  ARM1  BTS0  W1  S2
BS Weapons:  Spitfire, Pulzar, Chaksa  •  Pistol, Knife

MOV6-4  CC12  BS11  PH12  WIP11  ARM0  BTS0  W1  S2
Mimetism, G: Sync

CHAKSA PERIPHERAL A  •  Light Shotgun, Stun Grenades  •  Pistol, Knife  •  7
CHAKSA PERIPHERAL B  •  Pulzar  •  Pistol, Knife  •  4

GORGOS  •  AP Spitfire, Flammenspeer, Pulzar, +1 Chaksa Peripheral A  •  Viral CCW  •  2 | 86
GORGOS  •  AP Spitfire, Flammenspeer, Pulzar, +1 Chaksa Peripheral B  •  Shock CCW  •  2 | 82


Two Gorgos profiles now present themselves―one with a Shotgun and Stun Grenade Chaksa, and one with a Pulzar Chaksa.  As you can see, the Gorgos became better protected, with Advanced ECM and a bump to ARM7, while the pupil Chaksa lost some Willpower.  It lost 1 Flammenspeer, but gained an AP Spitfire.  The Gorgos is now a much more playable TAG, even if it is still made of kerosene.

Interestingly, the newly upgrade AP Spitfire downgrades to a vanilla Spitfire, once the active Symbiont of the Gorgos is destroyed.  The change to the Gorgos pilot also marks the first Symbiont user who retains some ARM after the active Symbiont’s destruction.



Regular, Frenzy, SK

MOV4-4  CC22  BS11  PH13  WIP13  ARM0  BTS3  W1  S2  AVA:2
CH: Camouflage  •  Infiltration  •  Kinematika L1  •  MA3  •  I-Khol L1  •  Multiterrain

IGAO  •  Boarding Shotgun, Stun Grenades  •  Pistol, DA CCW  •  0 | 25
IGAO  •  Combi Rifle, Nanopulser, Stun Grenades  •  Pistol, DA CCW  •  0 | 27


Her majesty the right honorable Igao became noticeably better at close combat, but did not see a jump in price.  Excellent!



Regular, Frenzy, LI

MOV4-4  CC14  BS12  PH11  WIP13  ARM2  BTS0  W1  S2  AVA:6
Symbiont Armor  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  V: Courage

MOV4-4  CC14  BS12  PH11  WIP13  ARM0  BTS0  W1  S2
Symbiont Armor  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  V: Courage

SAKIEL  •  Combi, Nimbus Plus Grenades  •  0 | 18
SAKIEL  •  Combi, Nullifer  •  0.5 | 18
SAKIEL  •  Combi, Light Rocket Launcher  •  1 | 23
SAKIEL  •  Viral Combi, Nimbus Plus Genades  •  0 | 24
SAKIEL  •  Spitfire  •  1.5 | 23
SAKIEL Forward Observer  •  Combi, Nimbus Plus Grenades  •  0 | 19
SAKIEL Paramedic  •  Combi, Nimbus Plus Grenades  •  0 | 20
SAKIEL Lieutenant •  Viral Combi, Nimbus Plus Grenades  •  0 | 24


Graciously, the Sakiel, like Neema Saatar, lost the Impetuous state, in favor of Frenzy.  Some folks prefer Impetuous, but I see this as a good thing for our Sakiels.  Some players also may rue the addition of Nimbus Plus Grenades, but Sakiels are tremendously useful, and if Nimbus is supposed to be a tax, it is a small tax on such a high-power platform.

You may notice a favorable tweaking of SWC and points costs throughout the Sakiel profiles.  This is startling, especially given that Symbiont troopers no longer instantly die to failed Fire saves.  Also:  a Sakiel Forward Observer!


Regular, MI

MOV4-2  CC16  BS12  PH12  WIP14  ARM2  BTS3  W1  S2  AVA:4
Symbiont Armor  •  Fireteam: Triad  •  Multispectral Visor L2

MOV4-2  CC16  BS12  PH11  WIP14  ARM0  BTS0  W1  S2
Symbiont Armor  •  Fireteam: Triad  • Multispectral Visor L2

GAO-RAEL  •  Combi, Adhesive Launcher  •  0 | 28
GAO-RAEL •  Boarding Shotgun  •  0 | 26
GAO-RAEL •  Sniper Rifle  •  1 | 31
GAO-RAEL •  Spitfire  •  1.5 | 33
GAO-RAEL Lieutenant •  Combi, Adhesive Launcher  •  0 | 28


The Gao-Rael became better and cheaper.  An easing up of the Gao-Rael’s WIP should make Discover rolls noticeably smoother throughout your many games, and this bump to WIP should further nuance to our listbuilding when assigning Lieutenants and Symbiobombs.

All Gao-Tarsos profiles dropped 3 points in price and gained +2 CC.

The Kumotail picked up a Medikit equipment, but is otherwise identical.

The Kotail did not see any change in statline or price, except for the Spitfire profile, which increased by 1 point.

The Kaeltars gained “Fireteam: Triad”.  Our Symbiobomb Kaeltars are no longer dead weight!

The Nikoul statline and skills remained the same, but both profiles were reduced by 2 points in price.

Rasails are what they were, but their Peripherals dropped to WIP11, like the Gorgos Peripheral.  All Rasail profiles decreased their cost by about 3 points.

Makauls remained identical, but lost the Swarm Grenade option.  This was replaced with a Double-Action CCW option, at the same price of a vanilla Viral Makaul.  Good for demo missions.

Our excellent Clipsos remained the same, but the SWC cost for the Boarding Shotgun / Nullifier profiles dropped to 0.5 | 23 points.  Her 1 SWC Swarm Grenades profile has been replaced with a 0 SWC Nimbus Plus Grenades profile.

The SWC cost of Kamaels for sniper rifle and white hacker variants dropped by 0.5 each, but the sniper profile gained a 1-point tax.

Most of the Tohaa family is tweaked favorably, with buffs to Symbiont rules, and a general drop in price.  Nimbus proliferation means that we are well-equipped to troll enemy fireteams, especially Haris fireteams.  Holistically, Human Sphere has made massive, and positive, changes for Tohaa.


I normally wouldn’t ask this, but please do share this article with your fellow Tohaa players!  We have a lot of new information.  And any further spoilers or corrections you may have, please share in the comments below, so that we may have to one big collage of all Tohaa updates until our Human Sphere books hit stores.

Happy wargaming!


12 thoughts on “HS: Tohaa Superpost

    1. I saw it on the Spanish forum―I missed it during my conference calls with Alister. I’ve been trying to practice my Spanish there again, but those Spanish guys are all trolls―they all speak perfect English. XD


      1. All good! It’s just that I go to the Spanish forum expressly to *not* speak English. I would say the Spanish forums have more productive conversations, it seems. There’s lots of chatter on the English forums. But I think, simply because the English market is larger, there tends to be more information on the English forum. You will notice that 90% of the Tohaa profiles shared in the Spanish forum came from the English forum first.


  1. Thank you, guys, glad this has been helpful. I’ve updated some minor corrections (Taqeul profile was listed incorrectly, mistaken interpretation of I-Khol, spelling errors, etc). Again, if there’s anything I’ve missed or mistaken, please let me know below. Thanks and happy wargaming


  2. What do you think about the viability of the Igao, both now pre-HS and in post-HS?
    I’ve got both and I’m trying to think of reason to field them other than maybe as proxies for other units. Just seems hard to fit them into a list as what they are. Maybe outside ITS where I don’t need to worry about specialist platforms and support.


    1. Present pre-HS Igao, I thought the Igao a wasted opportunity. Like a soft version of the Tohaa Pheasant. Beautiful sculpt but wheezy profile. I wanted her to be our CC master, and in a context with Makauls and even Neema, she wasn’t. Partially due to her skills, mostly her weapon. I didn’t need a 6-4 Monofilament monster, just not an SAS-tier CC20 MA3 AP CCW. As my old chintzy comic said, “She’s acceptable, but we wanted awesome.” I proxied her several times, but never liked the experience enough to buy one. HS Igao… well, I’ll be buying one. 🙂 I am a bit surprised that she did not go up in price—I was willing to pay more points for a better Igao. (e.g., I would rather have a Ninja at Ninja price than Igao at Igao price.) But she did indeed get better in every sense, and most principally, in CC. AP was dropped for double DA, meaning the original Igao is acceptable for both profiles. Bump to CC22 means she +5s with MA3. And added iKohl (thank you so much, CB!) with new iKohl rules means she’s -12ing fools in CC from regular camo, and -9ing them in CC from Frenzy. I still hate Frenzy and Impetuous on pretty much every single trooper except Dog-Warriors, but I can swing this. She’s a murderous killy people chopper, which is exactly what I wanted this kickass sculpt to be.
      Igao DA CCW

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the analysis! Still not sure how I might fit her into an ITS list, but 20×20 swings round here pretty regularly too and should be sure to work that new profile into a few fun lists there.


      2. I forgot―Stun Grenades. Stun is now basically a Double Action + Flash ammo. Stunned troopers can’t attack in any way, and take a -3 to any rolls until turn ends. Stun also works against STR units.

        PH13 and infiltration, especially with a nearby Clipsos FO, means stunning a problem foe or troop clump is now at least as easy as a coin flip. I never once used Flash Grenades due to the unreliability / order-intensiveness, but I’ll definitely give Stun Grenades a throw. With her extant CC bonuses, a lucky throw means she could wade through 3 or 4 models without a scratch. A strongly improved profile overall.

        …need to add that to the OP.

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