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Oh yeah!  Here’s the review for the most exciting Tohaa unit.


…Why Would You Take a Forward Observer?

Game Theory

In writing some hopefully helpful advice to a fairly new Tohaa player, I realized an oddity in many players’ common strategy.  In Infinity the Game’s current official scenarios, many players have a vestigial organ from the previous edition…
TNTStandaloneForwardObserverAndParamedic Forward Observers became ubiquitous in Corvus Belli’s Infinity Tournament System.  Winning games required seizing objectives, which required specialists, which required a grip of orders, which a standard 10-man group couldn’t do effectively.

Since a specialist was a specialist was a specialist, and the Forward Observer was the cheapest specialist, in most games the “strategy” was (a) find your faction’s cheapest and fastest and smartest Forward Observers, and (b) bring as many of them as possible.

But the current edition is a bit different.

Post-Game Talk: Friends, Fireteams and Painted Armies

Game Theory

I played a couple games up at Mox again yesterday, and wanted to jot down some thoughts as these games were a “first” for me in a few areas.  The first first, is that this is the premier game for me with a fully painted army.  This post is a rather stream-of-consciousness blather, so if you like run-on Infinity discussion, this is for you!

The beautiful phone camera picture... Painted miniatures, in chronological order―Kamael, Makauls, Clipsos, Kumotail, Gao-Rael, Sakiels, Neema Saatar, Rasails, Chaksa Peripherals.

The beautiful phone camera picture… The troops were fielding as pictured.  (The Gao-Rael Sniper was a sniper, the Rasail with Spitfire actually had a Spitfire, et cetera.)  In chronological order, I painted the Kamael, Makauls, Clipsos, Kumotail, Gao-Rael, Sakiels, Neema Saatar, Rasails, then Chaksa Peripherals.