Wotan Propaganda Memo

Campaigns, Entertainment

Good day, arithcokes and artichettas of the Tohaa Master Race.  Today we begin the campaign in the “Wotan” sector, to bring to peace our allies, the Humans, who are meddling amidst themselves, heedless of the looming threat of the EI.  We are en route to the battlespace.


Taqeul Talk

Game Theory

The Taqeul has raised a lot of eyebrows with Tohaa players.  It has a few fans, but overall, it is regarded as a sub-par unit.  On the whole, I wouldn’t disagree with the assessment that it is a sub-par choice, but I still want to share my thoughts―since it looks like Corvus Belli has Tohaa models at the very bottom of all its priorities.  Taqeuls in May? :/