Superjumping Seraph!?

Stupid PanO

It’s been a long wait.  We heard the groaning.  Now we’ve seen the Seraph’s model.  And we heard the incredulous queries about its giant wings.  And now the profile is released.  And the Seraph can Super-Jump.


Post-Game Talk #2: Back to the Game Board, New Blood, No Fury

Game Theory, Stupid PanO

After a month or so of being off the saddle, I returned to good ol’ Mox yesterday.  I was ready with my satchel full of Tohaa again, but a recent conversation on the official forum about Infinity’s least-loved faction had me curious.
Acontecimento Shock Army Starter Pack

As the previous post-game talk, this is a stream-of-consciousness article.  If you like run-on Infinity discussion, this is for you!