Some Great Scenery Finds

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I found a couple great scenery vehicles for Infinity, much cheaper than your average MDF thing, so here’s a quick post to share them with you (if you are interested in buying this sort of thing).



So, the Avengers jet on the right there is 8 dollars, crazy good deal.  The Aliens APC toy runs between 15 to 30 dollars, depending on where you buy it.  I showed the APC to a couple of the regular tourney friends, and they both immediately bought 2.  Both also include some action figures which I discarded.


Andy, a TO in the area, showed me this one, the jet.  It is big enough to replace your average 4×8″ building and a couple bits of scatter, and is heavy enough to stay put.  The bottom is a flat part, so it is easy for models to get Cover and Total Cover from the jet.


This one, man oh man.  Love it.  I have wanted a “tank” or “APC” to represent Mechanized Deployment or just a generic military aesthetic on the table, and the Aliens APC does it great.


To play inside, the top of the APC folds open.  The side door opens (not a full inch, but enough for Narrow Access).  The turrets turn, and the top one comes off, if you wish to remove it for painting.  I’m working through painting these as well as finishing off my Systema terrain, over a year in the putting-off of that, which I’ll review later this week.

Have a nice work week!


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