Tohaa Girls, Triumvirate Colors

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Finishing my lovely Tohaa girls, so it seemed prime time to make a painting & modelling category like every other hobby blogger has.


Triumvirate colors confirmed great.  I’m really happy with the way this palette turned out.  Very venomous and snakelike.


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I’m in love.  Gorgosita looks great, but better on the table.  I’m using Miss Gorgos Pilot here as a universal Triumvirate proxy, standing in daintily as a Sukeul, and a number of other models.  Her size difference is pretty noticeable compared to the old Kamael.


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This is a femme Makaul with Boarding Shotgun, a model I’ve wanted since I joined the forum (and the Tohaa) in 2014.  She’s turned out well, though there was more glue on the model than I thought, so I did a quicker paint job, in line with my old Makaul paint job.

There are some greenstuffed Makaul details, like the collar, straps, and grenades; and the Hatail’s combi handle and Kaauri’s leftover shotgun hulk were pinned to her back.

I hate the Delegate model, but wanted a use for her for completionist’s sake.  Glad she could be made into Madame Makaul.


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Also a shoutout to this Gorgosita conversion by Eduardo Brinso, featured on Infinity’s main website, brilliant work:


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