Wotan Propaganda Memo

Campaigns, Entertainment

Good day, arithcokes and artichettas of the Tohaa Master Race.  Today we begin the campaign in the “Wotan” sector, to bring to peace our allies, the Humans, who are meddling amidst themselves, heedless of the looming threat of the EI.  We are en route to the battlespace.

Where images must be edited for propagandic value, we provide an original photo of our hardy corvette, as well as a photo color-corrected for the human eye:

The errant fleet can only afford a small contingent of our warships, but we can reroute at least one Daraani corvette, the Caligdae.


We do not forget the petty Yu Jing Empire’s treachery on Narooma.


Let this be a warning to all Combined Army slaves, all mutineers of the Sygmaa, and every enemy of the alliance.


Land on whichever planets or satellites permit strategic access to the Wotan jump gate.  We must not allow the Combined Army to gain access to that gate, as it will wreak complete havoc upon our vulnerable ally.


We urge all liaisons and operatives who spread our message on the Maya, the open forum of this war of infinity, to adopt the insignia the official Daraani Board Corvette company insignia:


If you have any propaganda to share, please reply and add it to this memo.

Tohaa Briefing Room (Private to Tohaa Players Only)

Wotan Mission Briefing (Phase 1)

Wotan War Console 

Wotan Maya Threads

Lootenant Dasaan

Warm your hearts and load your guns, humanity, for we are coming.




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