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So, we finally have the Infinity ship sailing outside of games and into story.  This story opens up the Infinity world further, and lets us see more than jungles, box towns, and adverts for Aristeia.


What is the story about?  You can glean a lot from the cover art.  Outrage is mostly about a sad, grizzled sniper guy, who gets pulled into conflicts he isn’t interested in fighting.  Does that sound interesting to you?

There was a lot to like about Outrage, especially as an Infinity fan, but without getting into spoilers, these were my three critiques of the manga:

BAD BLOCKING  We do get several good establishing shots in this manga, but by gum does it love Dutch angles.  There were several scenes were I was going “Huh?” or “What’s that?” or “Which one’s our gal?” or “Oh that’s our gal” or “Ohhh our gal is dead” or “Where did Knauf drop from?”  Jason Bourne-style camerawork seems to find its way into every fight, but I would have preferred traditional, digestible blocking.  Manga vets might find Outrage easy to follow, but as someone who owns a dozen graphic novels, and read only a dozen or two more, I generally found the action presentation to be irritating in this manga.

LACK OF HIGH IDEAS  In my experience, manga and anime is excellent at exploring both high-power dramatic combat, and high-level meditative thought.  The manga dips its toes into two big ideas, the nature of the soul and cybernetics, and the necessity to be a monster, but it’s shallow.  Any discussion which treads into the heroic or the transcendent is quickly interrupted, abbreviated, or shrugged away with a nihilistic wink.

NOT ENOUGH TO WANT MORE  This is my big, big complaint.  There’s a great rule of (creative) writing, that you must give your reader less than he wants, so that he will want to buy more.  However, there was a good 30 pages missing between the icebreaker with the characters and the “big fight”.  You will be left feeling not “More please!”, but “Oh, that’s it?”


In shorter terms, what I thought Outrage did well was:

DIALOGUE  The dialogue in Outrage wasn’t incredible, but it wasn’t exhaustingly wordy.  It’s really, really easy to create dialogue that makes characters stand around talking about background stuff, and Outrage almost entirely avoids that, which gets a good rating from me.

FANSERVICE  This is important.  Duh.  Scenes of Tiger Soldiers and TAGs airdropping, close combat with a Santiago Knight, and licking catgirls were all highly welcome in this manga.

ORDER / ARO  The Infinity mechanics simulated in Outrage, including Hacking, were done very well.


Oh, and Knauf is a nice model.  A good universal sniper proxy.  Worth getting with the manga, if you have any need for more sniper models.

I rate Outrage 2 out of 5 artichokes.


TL;DR  A nice read and good opener to Infinity in multimedia, but few memorable moments or high ideas.


2 thoughts on “Infinity Outrage Review

  1. I’ll agree with you here. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t what it could have been. They were taking a risk anyway, why not go all out?


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