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News for grognards who follow this Tohaa blog but don’t follow Corvus Belli. 🙂


Very happy we’re getting a Missile Launcher instead of the garbage K1 Sniper.  Really didn’t enjoy the last Sukeul, but I like this girl a lot.

I even like the Gorgos pilot up there.  She’ll make a good Sukeul herself.  The fanservice is sure to offend, some, but… you know the drill.


And here’s your birthday in Neebab, whomever rando on the forum asked for it.


Have a good week, fags.


7 thoughts on “New Tohaa Girls

  1. You know, I didn’t notice anything particularly fan-servicey about the Gorgos pilot on initial viewing. On reflection looking at that render have they sculpted her in her under-crackers?


      1. Wew, I’m curious as to how you would describe the Gorgos pilot’s attire to turn up this image in a search. Was “three piece coup de foudre” already in your vocabulary?


  2. I am offended at you calling me a cigarette. I am a non-smoker thank you very much.

    Still not a fan of the “big hair”, but I am thrilled that we are actually getting new toys again. I just wonder if this is it for the rest of the year? This will make three releases so we shouldn’t get our hopes up for too much more.


    1. “Low expectations, big surprises” or something like that my friend always says. I don’t expect to get much, but if this is the year we get a surprise Holdaan Hornbeast or Chaksa Centurion or Pherowizard, praise the lord.

      Make a Tohaa blog! The master race needs more diplomats propagandists.


  3. I had toyed with the idea of a blog at one point, but soon to be 3 year old and another boy due in a couple months has me way too busy. Also, I still haven’t had time to even paint my armies or terrain. I am a bad Infinity player. 😦

    What about a Chaksa Pherowizard riding a Holdaan Hornbeast? The tears of the jealous non-Tohaa players would be so tasty…


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