The Ballad of Butthurt Year


January first of course
Maybe we’d get an Igao?
Ha ha, that would be funny, not!
And Yu Jing gets a Hac Tao

February now, for realz
Oh what will we Tohaa get?
Look, Yu Jing just got a Su Jian
Maybe Sakiel box set?

Okay now March, onward ho!
A Gorgos Pilot’d do
Another ISS release?
After Jan and Febber too?

Alright, this isn’t funny
April, and what’s our model?
Oh fuck’s sake, ISS starter!
Really, what is this twaddle

Fuck, it’s May, and we’re dismayed
Guess nothing forever now…
We got our meager Tohaa year
Wha—a Kosuil?  Oh wow!

Oh god, oh great, 1 by June
In 5 months?  What a fine deal.
Wu Ming for Yu Jing, #5,
Kaauri?  Hear me squeal!

July, summer, hope again
Tohaa’s winter sure was bad
Yu Jing gets Red Veil, very cool
Man, our box will be so rad

Imagine the cool new stuff
In August, ’twill be pleasant.
Sukeul?  Taqeul?  Anything?
Nope. Yu Jing gets a Pheasant.

Have Kaauri arrived yet?
Noticed yours are so tall?
September, Yu Jing gets Zhanshi
Meanwhile where is my saw?

Colder October arrives
By now, 2 Tohaa released?
Yu Jing’s on a roll with Wu Ming.

God, just fuck me, in the mouth
Piss poor year besides the book
Xi Zhuang?  Of course Yu Jing, have more
Those Kaauri aren’t new:  look.

Hi December, fuck you too
Anything for us—no?  Pass.
Give Yu Jing a new Hsien troop
While you pound me in the ass.

Here, two thousand sixteen, gone
And these are all our goods:
Kosuil, Kaauri, copied Kaauri
Box of oldies for new blood.

Oh it’s 2017
And what was that rhyme?
From 2015
Prophetic in time?

So if ’15 was Tohaa Year
With five Tohaa releases seen
I dread to think how few Tohaa
Releases will be in ’16

Tohaa stuff in Tohaa Year:

Yu Jing stuff in Tohaa Year:

Yu Jing stuff in Yu Jing Year:

Tohaa stuff in Yu Jing Year:



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