The Imperial Conga


So, my friend picked up the new Upsilon Shuttle tonight, and we had a couple rounds.  As we were wrapping up, I kicked around the idea of an extension of the Captain Yorr conga line.  What we came up with by the end of the night sounded both completely competitive and completely friendship-ending.


This is a simple build that includes I have a Lambda, my friend now has an Upsilon.  One of the pipeline purchases between us is a Decimator―which I frankly loathe the design of, but it’s a great gameplay unit―or another Lambda, which would polish off the build nicely.

You have to kill of enemy points to win, so your opponent must to engage you.  You force them into your corner by deploying the new Lieutenant Dormitz at a 45 degree angle, and placing two large ships directly in front of Dormitz so as to keep them all stationary, and to keep a wide breadth of firing arcs for those high attack dice.

The one my friend and I came up with looked like this.


Deployment line goes Dormitz Upsilon > Omicron Lambda > Patrol Leader Decimator, with the Decimator facing directly towards Dormitz, since he doesn’t have a stationary maneuver, and that facing allow him to green clear stress.  The 360 arc on the Decimator would allow the line to cover all angles, including ships which get close enough to skirt the angles of the two shuttles.
sep.gifI expect it might be more effective to bring Captain Oicunn to deal automatic damage to bumpers, but Palpatine is ever popular.  Similar builds might use an Andrasta Firespray with a tail gunner and bombs.

This list I came up with in the course of writing.  It’s the classic parked shuttle thing, only using Dormitz to field a list of exclusively parked shuttles.


A 3-shuttle conga line has to zigzag to cover all angles, but it is otherwise the same idea.  However, by downgrading the Decimator to a Lambda, the conga line gains the potential to inflict enough stress and ionization to force some ships to fly off the table, and to have a few utilities in case the conga line breaks.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think this list would be fun to fly or to fight, and there are some specific builds that could counter it.  But as of now, I expect to see some big ship Imperial conga line builds crop up in competitive play, now that the Upsilon allows it.  My friend and I are going try it soon in any case, and find out exactly how annoying is an Imperial tower defense game.


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