Tohaa Detoxification Bedroom Diet


To start, buy 3-4 fresh artichokes.  I hope you’re ready, because this plan could change your life!


You may not have known, but Tohaa’s patron plant, the tasty artichoke, is actually a giant flower bud.  But it’s not just a natural beauty.  It’s also a natural digestion helper!  You’re just going to fall in love with this new diet.


The artichoke is well known to stimulate bile, and can help your stomach while you munch on it in front of your favorite movie.  Artichokes may also be an alternative to cancer treatment, and can prevent cardiovascular disease and bad karma.  And everybody knows artichokes are way better finger food than asparagus or beets!


Next, get garlic and butter, and grind them until they’re a thick, gooey paste.  You’ll know it’s ready when it looks like cold snot in February.


Put the snot paste and your articokes in a blender, warm them up, and get ready for a hot delicious veggie gut buster.  Mmm!


Your stomach ulcers won’t last after we’re done here.

Now―it’s time to get your bed box.  I like a comfy tiny twin box myself, but you might like to spend the big bucks on a king bed box.


However, don’t stop there, or you might make your bed gross with your uncontrollable detoxing.


Eww wee!

I recommend getting a hospital toilet bed.  You won’t want to move as your hot snotty artichoke shake shaves ulcers off your stomach, so you’ll want to be ready to be warm and comfy all day.


You can get your toilet beds for as low as $100 on Alibaba.


Hire a hairy handyman to install it, and you’re ready to start your Tohaa digestion bed box!




I hope that helps, one person who needs to know.



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