Jonus and the Defenders


I haven’t played much Infinity since my model case was dashed to bits on December, but I did get into X-Wing around the same time, and as this is a wargaming blog, I thought I’d open that can of worms  and talk about my recent favourite build for any fellow X-Wing commanders who may be following the Lonely Artichoke.

So, unlike my Infinity track record, I lose at X-Wing more than I win, certainly at least against experienced players.  I find the upgrade system and action economy in this to be a bit muddy, and I think the game undercuts itself by reliance on cards whose contents really cannot be updated.

That said!  I have been enjoying the hell out of it.  I love the activation sequence mechanics.  And I finally made what I think is a really mean build, and so far is unbeaten.  I have a couple variations, but it basically looks like this.


Jonus and the Defenders A


Jonus and the Defenders B

…or something very similar.  I need to get another Wired card for that second build for a little tournament in February.

I haven’t seen anyone else in store or YouTube battle reports play a squadron like this, but I think it’s really competitive. 18 hit points, crazy rerolls, and good maneuverability once the formation brakes.   Once the formation has to break  (usually around turn 3), Jonus flies like an extra Academy Pilot, aggressively bumping into enemy ships and generally trolling until his hull pops.

Pilot Skill 6 on all gives a leg up against other swarms, but also maintains the ability to change up who maneuvers first against obstacles and other ships.  Double ion with rerolls also makes handling large ships a breeze.

Anyway yeah, this is my first squadron I’m happy with that’s also been effective, and even makes use of the TIE Bomber (achievement!), as well as my childhood favourite, the TIE Defender.  Thoughts?


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