Scenery Review: T.M.E. Modules by Plast Craft

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So, I’ve used these bugaboos a lot at Mox Boarding House.  What do I think of them?

Modular Building Set

“Parapets” might be a conceptual annoyance to some, but in the context of Infinity rules, they frequently incentivize you to deploy your infiltrators aggressively, and open up lots of oblique and vertical combat.


Hmm… what do I think of them.


TME- Curved Modular Building

One cool thing about their polymer material is this—you simply cannot get these shapes from MDF- and HDF-cut buildings.

I think so little of them, apparently, that I forgot to take photos.  But I’ve wanted to talk to about Plast Craft for… god, what is it, a year now?  So here goes.

Plast Craft TME Modules are one of those things (like most things) that you get what you pay for.  There is no deception in the merchandizing—they look exactly as they appear on their website.  The material is soft and pliable, allowing curved edges and swooping arches otherwise impossible on MDF terrain.  And, because of that softness and pliability, they are less resistant to abuse as MDF and HDF terrain.

TME Modules can do things that MDF cannot, sure.  But there is an undeniably chintzy quality to the modules when you handle them.  Because they are so light, they are very easy to bump around during play.  This annoys me, and if they weren’t the property of Mox, I would add weights to them as I have with my Operation: Icestorm cardstock terrain.

Walkway Set

We probably use the modular bridge bits more than the building modules themselves.


A major plus is their modular style:  If you like to reset your table into dynamic shapes between games, the TME Modules are very friendly to being reformed into new structures.  You can make little castles, or curious Y-shaped structures, or crisscrossed overpasses, with a great deal of flexibility to how they are assembled.

The other benefit of this series is that you can buy them precolored.  This might annoy some hobbyists, but a lot of hobby gamers are far more interested in the “game” instead of the “hobby”.  Precolored sets help with immersion and plug people right into the game.


14 for that little thing, 14!  I wouldn’t pay 1 camel.

Whether or not these things are worth the price will be up to you.  The non-precolored modules are like half the price of the precolored.  So you’re either buying quantity, or convenience.

They also sell Bourak-themed scenery, for you jihadists out there.  I have never handled it myself, though I often see it in Infinity photos and battle reports, so it has fans.

If you’re into Malifaux, as many Infinity players seem to be, Plast Craft also has a huge selection of Malifaux-themed scenery.  I must admit, it’s more attractive than any of their Infinity merchandise.


It feels like crap.  But it’s really not.  It’s just really light and floaty.  Bits plink off now and again, and I’m always supergluing random piece together in the middle of the game.  However, it’s PVC sheet, so it’s actually extremely durable.  Unlike MDF, you can drop these modules on the floor and they won’t get damaged… aside from whatever you might need to reglue.



TME stuff is not my style.  I might like it more if I painted it all chrome and spacey, but it’s owned by my store, not me, so that’s that.  I feel like they could do a lot more creative work with their pliable material than what they have designed.  A couple curved edges and some quonset huts aren’t blowing my mind.  Good, boring.



This stuff does actually hold up well—we handle it a lot and nothing has ever chipped.  They actually recommend solvent cement, not superglue, for assembling the PVC sheets, so I can’t really blame them for falling apart on us.  However, the prices on the precolored look exorbitant.  Fourteen euros (~$16) for a tiny 4×4 building seems too much to ask, even if it does come with little decals.


On the whole I don’t think Plast Craft is making bad stuff, just not stuff I want to buy.  If they ever make something as hot as Warsenal’s Cosmica, I’ll give Plast Craft a second look.


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