Guesswork: New Specialist Type


I wrote the following to throw in the black hole of ideas that is the Access Guide to the Human Spherebut received a 500 internal error in trying to post.  So it’s posting here.  More “real” content to post later this week.

I recently wrote a basics-of-ITS for new players over on my blog, and it got me thinking:  Infinity could use another “Specialist” troop type.  And what makes a “Specialist” a “Specialist?  To the second, it is rather an interesting question.  Why is a Forward Observer a Specialist, but Sat-Lock, MSV or Sensor are not?  Why is Engineer a Specialist, but Pilot, Minesweeper and Controller are not?  The “Specialist” skills usually have the following in common:  they can upgrade any extant profile, they have a unique WIP-based skill, they bring a specific tool/weapon, and (consistently) they provide indirect support to the rest of the army.  Engineers repair, Chain of Command backups the Lt, Forward Observer targets, Hackers buff, and Paramedics and Docs heal.  Fragments of Specialist skills can be seen (Flash Pulse, Deactivator, Automedikit) on individual profiles, but it seems it is that combination of traits plus the “support” element which qualifies a model to be a Specialist.

I am curious as to whether anyone else has thought of (or heard rumor of) a new Specialist for the pipeline.  Going off the above points, my chuck in the idea pot would look like this:

Technicians keep the field tech in good order.


  • The user must be in base to base contact with his target.

  • This Special Skill grants the user the Sensor equipment, allowing him to Discover enemy troops, weapons, and equipment within his Zone of Control.
  • This Special Skill also grants the user the Bleacher equipment, allowing him to cancel Hacking programs.
  • By passing a Normal WIP Roll in base contact with a friendly trooper, the user may cancel all of the target’s states susceptible of being repaired by an Technician or Engineer (BurntDisabledImmobilizedIsolated…). When these states are canceled, remove the corresponding Markers. If the target is affected by more than one of these states simultaneously, one single successful WIP Roll cancels them all.
  • No ill effects are caused by failing the Normal WIP Roll to cancel the target’s states, and the user may make further attempts as long as he keeps spending Orders.
  • A Technician cannot restore structure points.
  • In certain missions and scenarios, Technicians are considered Specialist Troopers, that is, they meet the requirements to fulfill certain mission objectives.
Attack (Small Teardrop).

  • The user must have the Engineer, Hacker, or Techinician special skill in order to use this equipment.

  • This Equipment grants allows the user to place an attack using a Small Teardrop Template as a Short Skill or ARO.
  • All models affected by the template cancel all enemy hacking programs (Oblivion, Gotcha!, Overlord…) and their effects.  When these states are canceled, remove the corresponding Markers. If the target is affected by more than one of these states simultaneously, one single successful WIP Roll cancels them all.

Thus, this new skill would be the native specialist for the Sensor equipment, and would carry a couple tools to keep troops active.  Technician would add a way to repair trouble from Isolation and Adhesive weapons, without also adding an additional way for Engineer-restricted factions to restore the Structure of their mighty TAGs.

The Technician skill would be 0 SWC | 3 pts over a basic troop.

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