Please Don’t Send Me Secrets



And some other blogging rambling.


Basically said, I don’t want to become the Gawker of Tohaa news.

I had an oddly sick feeling stomach after I posted the Human Sphere spoiler superpost.  While I don’t think it was “unethical” to share the information, and certainly Corvus Belli gave the thumbs up to Adepticon people to share the information; the post did feel a little off.  Remembering this little comment from Bostria’s Adepticon Seminar reminded me why it felt off.

As a content creator, it’s a bit of a dick move.  If I’m still blogging like a madman during Acheron Falls (or whatever their next book is called), I may not make such an exhaustive post.  Or at least, not so immediately after the information leaks.  Content creators love surprising people, and I don’t want to pillage Corvus Belli’s surprises in a quest for web traffic.

Which leads me to the titular point:

I do appreciate that people like me enough to want to share Tohaa leaks with me.  This stuff is awesome and hard not to share:  Someone tipped me off about the phero-hacking like 3 months before the Kaeltars were released.  Someone else tipped me off that Corvus Belli was redoing the Igao to make the fans happy.  Someone else tipped me off about Pheromonic ammunition and how it works on our Symbiobugs as far back as December of last year.

Awesome.  But understand the situation that stuff puts me in.  What am I supposed to do with that information?  Or to not do?  Why do I have to even think about it now?

It’s tempting.  Secret stuff makes for zinger news.  This is the Lonely Artichoke’s total views by month.  The Human Sphere Superpost was posted in April:

Screenshot 2016-05-20 at 00.23.47

Wow.  But I don’t collect revenue from this blog, so there’s really no point for me to tincup for views.  The ads you see (if you see any) is just WordPress (the company) collecting ad revenue to pay themselves for my “free” blog here.

Some more perspective:  My webomic product reviews get about 4 times the traffic as the webcomics themselves.  That bums me out.  Product reviews are fun, but it’s the entertainment I was more interested in making.  When you run a platform and get crap traffic on something you put work into making, it sucks.  Cool secret gossip becomes quite tempting to share.

So, please do not share secrets with me that you’re not allowed to share.  Again, thanks for trusting me with the leak!  But no thanks.  I don’t want to have the temptation.

Broader related unrelated perspective:  I’m looking at an email in my inbox about doing a paid product review.  And I’m also looking at the fact that I have become friends with a terrain builder, a fact I wanted to be quick to be frank about, so it never becomes a problem.  I am no journalist, but I want to run this blog ethically.  I want to be a boy scout about this stuff.  If I ever won an internet jackpot of attention, I don’t want to have to unlearn a bad habit when it gets really tempting to write gossip.


So, this awkwardly leads to a couple of “announcements”.  One―if it isn’t already clear―I am severely dialing back the standalone Tohaa webcomics.  They just don’t seem to be interesting people, and they’re time-consuming to make, blah blah, #yolo.

Two, after I post the New Players section, I will close the devlog section, since those really didn’t have my intended effect of disciplining myself to make more comics.  If you like to read them―well, you’re one of like five people.  Yay you!

Third, I will be publishing a real webcomic later this year.  Real, as in with a real story, and from my own head, not tied to some other company’s IP.  I’ll still maintain the Lonely Artichoke, but this new webcomic will publish on a different platform.  So, look forward to that.  Or don’t.  Be a dick.

Oh and fourth, yes, I will be resuming the Tohaa language now that the Human Sphere fluff book is out, so if you’re as neckbeardy as I―though I have only a verdi beard―you can look forward to that awesome Klingon-level nerd abyss.

Thanks for stopping by

(really thanks)

(but no more secrets)

5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Send Me Secrets

  1. I don’t read the comics. Well, actually, I’ve only recently started paying closer attention to your site in general, due to only starting to earnestly learn my Tohaa (side-note: instant ❤ Kaeltars) as well as recently gaining a functioning blogroll on a private site that will actually notify me when new stuff is posted.
    I say if you want to gossip, gossip. I think Bostria (especially) and most others should know, and may often even be counting on, info leaked like that to be spread in such a way.
    I had a similar article last year with Gutier. He watched me take notes while we talked and we even joked about how it's a way for him to be frank through me as a deniable proxy, even mixing in some false stories into the article, in case it did come to disproving my reliability. But it's all just rumors most people forget by a couple months later anyways.
    All in all, just post about whatever you want, webcomics or otherwise, regardless of traffic. Maybe you get less hits, but at least you know those that do read are more likely an interested audience rather than just quick clickbaits coming from a plug on a random forum.

    Looking forward to seeing how your original comic turns out. I probably won't stick with it though. You know, not unless it features a harem with lots of moe and kawaii. 😛


  2. Ahh sad, the comics were why I started following this blog, and this blog is why I really got into infinity… and spent a bunch of money.

    Actually the comics toning down might be good for me 😉 lol

    I look forward to seeing your original work however, I’m sure it will be cool.


  3. Off-topic question:

    Dear Dr. Dasaan,
    How do I justify fitting an Igao into my list? It always seems to be preceeded by the question of “have I maxed my AVA3 of Clipsos yet?” and/or “have I used up all my SWC squeezing out as much extra range as I could?”.

    The Gao-Rael Sniper + both Kaeltars link feel like obligatory auto-includes for every list. Currently, I’ve been thinking Rasail Spitfire, linked Sukeul HMG (both with -Bombs to neutralize MSV2 snipers or whatever else), and Clipsos Sniper to fill out long range variety, Kerail to combo with the Gao-Rael, and then I’m just scrambling to fill out Order and Specialist counts.
    I’m at only 2 Clipsos currently, so even if I could shed points, I feel like I’d end up with at least taking a Shotgun Clipsos if not a 2nd FO.

    Despite their HS upgrade, maybe if they had a cheaper tactical bow option that didn’t put them at the same points level. Or, maybe I just haven’t found a need yet to need a melee expert (how can I manipulate terrain and scenario to accommodate that?.


    1. Dear President Certs,

      Well, that’s the beauty of what HSN3 did to Tohaa. There are so many good options now that if you don’t feel justified taking something, it’s almost certainly due to your playstyle, not the model. E.g., I am not interested in the Taqeul except for a couple specific roles (CoC with double Bomb Kaeltar, Lt. when running suicide Neema at 300+ points), but the Taqeul already has several fans. Conversely, I always loved the Gao-Rael, and that it got both better and cheaper is gravy.

      The Igao is still a “cruise missile” unit, though decidedly more built-to-purpose as a melee combatant. Enemy -12 with Igao with her CC25 DA CCW is almost too good to be true. But if being ultra effective at melee is severely less interesting than being severely good at camouflage, then you will enjoy the Clipsos more almost every time.

      I haven’t used the new Igao since HSN3 dropped, as I’ve been messing around (and dearly enjoying) no-tricks 300-point Ectros Death Star lists, but my bookmarked Igao list looks like this. Some really similar stuff. Nimbus Clipsos+Nano Igao means any Haris team or TR remote (and tie up any 4- or 5-man link, if they’re lucky) is dead. Rasail advances and kills and gets himself killed. Sukeul deals with mid-game threats, and lets Kosuil and Sakiel nab objectives. Kumotail does healing/maintenance, swaps into fireteam once Servant and other Triad members take casualties. Let the Chaksas/Delegate do what they can, pass Chaskas/Delegate into Group 1 as necessary.

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