Healing Isn’t Bad―Wasting Orders is

Game Theory

Let me disclaim before I get into the meat of this that I think healing rules in Infinity are acceptable as written.  So much of Infinity is balances adroitly next to the other bodies of rules which tiptoe on the edge of overpowered or underpowered.  As it stands, I do not detest how Paramedics function, and I think Doctors are swell.  Yet, I play Tohaa 90% of the time, where our Paramedics and Doctors perform significantly better than average.  Outside of Tohaa, I think that the body of healing rules could improve, without blanketly making the healing action “better” by tacking on positive numeric modifiers.

Essentially, the tendency I see is to make healing attempts easier than they were.  Paramedics now have a medi-gun, Doctors can reroll WIP rolls on Cube patients, Symbionts are easier to restore than before, etc.  This trend is trending, I must expect, due to consistent outcry that Paramedics and healing in general is an order-intensive and ineffective experience.

I do not think the trend toward easier healing attempts is the correct approach.  Combat is lethal, Infinity makes that clear.  I think it should stay lethal.  What I think should be fixed is that it healing is order-intensive.

Troopers that need to get close to use their Close Combat skills, or who need to get upfield to be effective due to their short-range weapons, are often given Impetuous as a mechanical motivation to close the distance.  What would be order-intensive without the Impetuous order is made much more achievable by the free (mandatory) order that Impetuous provides.  However, to prevent Impetuous troops from becoming clearly better than not-Impetuous troopers, a balance of reduced cost and Partial Cover denial are added to make the choice between an Impetuous troop and a non-Impetuous troop to be an interesting one.

You can see where I am going with this.

The rule, in a perfect fabulous world, without misspellings, Call of Duty sequels, or films directed by Zack Snyder, would be under a larger body of rules like this:



A trooper possessing the Aid training denotes the willingness or competence of a trooper to provide emergency response to friendly casualties.

The Aid order is resolved in the Aid phase, after the active player has spent all his Regular and Irregular orders, or declares that he has finished spending orders for the active turn.

The Aid state provides a free order at the end of the turn to attempt to heal or repair a friendly model.  The Aid order must target the nearest friendly model eligible to receive a heal or repair roll.  If there are no friendly models eligible to receive a heal or repair roll, no Aid order is generated.

When executing a Move as part of an Aid Order, the trooper must move towards the nearest eligible target by the most direct route possible.  The nearest enemy figure is the one that can be reached in the least number of Orders, even if that figure is not in LOF.

When a trooper declares Move part of an Aid Order, he always moves the entirety of his corresponding MOV value.  A trooper using an Aid Order can move a distance shorter than the maximum only if he reaches base contact with a friendly casualty, or if he enters an area of terrain that impairs his Movement or forces him to declare Jump or Climb in order to keep moving.  Jump or Climb skills which would shorten the route must be used if possible.

The Aid state is suppressed if the trooper bearing the Aid state is in a Null state, a member of a Fireteam, or a model with the G: Sync or G: Servant special skills, or if there are no friendly models eligible to receive a Medikit, Doctor, or Repair roll.  A controller may activate a G: Sync or G: Servant special skills in its Aid order, if it the controller has a level of the Aid state.


First Aid troopers are trained to rescue fallen comrades, and to do their best to make sure that everyone comes home.

Troopers with the Paramedic special skill gain the A: First Aid state as a part of the Paramedic skill.

Legal combinations of Skills

Airborne Deployment
Move + Medikit
Move + Doctor
Move + Repair

Move + Dodge (Dodge + Move)
Move + Smoke (Smoke + Move)
Move + Idle (Idle + Move)
Move + Move


Altruists fear only the peril of their comrades, braving hostile fire to assist with wounds and casualties.

A: Altruist functions as A: First Aid, but it is obligatory that the Aid order is spent.  This Aid order may not be voluntarily cancelled, but is suspended normally if any condition causes the Aid state to be suspended.

Beyond Paramedics, good candidates for this A: First Aid state might be Yu Jing’s Tokusetsu Eisei, PanOceania’s Machinist, Ariadna’s Kazak Doctor, and Haqqislam’s Ghulam, in the interest of benefit or distinction within the faction, and in the spirit of the fluff of such units.

The A: Altruist state might include a ~2 point discount or fractional SWC refund for the potential Impetuous-like disability that it provides.  Candidates for the Altruist state might be Avicenna the mercenary doctor, PanOceania’s Knight Hospitaller, Ariadna’s Volunteer Paramedic, and Haqqislam’s Asawira, again in the interest of distinction or fluff.

Automedikit equipment would have the option of automatically activating during the Aid phase.  As Audomedikits are such an expensive piece of equipment, and given the precedence of the “free reset” that Holoprojectors grant, and given the name of the equipment, I think Automedikits should become automatic without a price hike to boot.

On the whole, with an Aid phase, healing and repairing in Infinity would not be easier in terms of rolls than it is, but healing and repairing would more likely simply due to inherent opportunity provided to the player.  It would also add further nuance to your formation of Fireteams, which at present are a clear benefit in every sectorial except perhaps Shasvastii.

My brother’s getting married this weekend, and with wedding and bachelor party stuff, I just don’t have time to finish and publish the New Players articles, so I apologize again for pushing that back again to anyone who might be looking forward to that category of articles.

Hope everyone else on Earth is having a grand old time and I hope you all are enjoying this wargame, and Swarm Grenades, and Neema Rockets, while it all lasts.



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