The Ballad of Tohaa Year



In that grand year twenty-fifteen
Year of Star Wars and Mary Sues
Avengers, Tumblr fails, ISIS,
And all appropriated hairdos

Amidst the din dwelt the Tohaa
A small though jolly global gang
Promised we were a Tohaa Year
And begin did it with a bang!

Thus shone a bright orange light
While fell the first release rains:
The astonishing Rasail Team
Which blew international brains

A mighty team, almighty team
So strong and so fast and hardy
Jealous were PanOceanians
Of our Chauxilia party

Then came news of a new entry
Which would mitigate our lacking:
Tohaa would receive so it seem’d
Our own-style organic hacking

Kick’d down the door did the Kaeltars
Such clever and functional lot!
Symbiomates undid fire’s disgrace
And the Bombs were okay, we thought

The “Negative Zero”―what ho!
What ever can mystery be
The cool’st model you ever saw
But the boringest profile seen

Igao got some love, then some more
CB released not one, but two!
I for one would have been quite pleased
If the Igao had had more to do…

But nay, artichokes, do rejoice!
Linkable troops are incoming!
What could it be and o what brings
This fabled linkable buddy?

Ho ho!  Behold!  Le Kosuil!
A strong badass sight to behold!
Too bad for high-hoping hopers
His profile, though good, wasn’t bold

Finally came:  Symbiobugs!
JK―they’re Symbiocats
JK twice―Symbiobeasts
JK!  January, at best.

Erstwhile dumb Ariadicans
Got ev’rything wished and then more
And I rethought the Igaos, and
Felt a bit butthurt and sore

So if ’15 was Tohaa Year
With five Tohaa releases seen
I dread to think how few Tohaa
Releases will be in ’16


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