Another Blogonomical Update


The new Human Sphere book is coming, and the very best only-Tohaa blog has so much to say!  About itself.

I have at least 12 total Triad ‘N’ True issues queued up for the year.  I definitely didn’t get sucked back into the forums.  I’ve almost painted my entire Tohaa force.  And WordPress finally figured out that I updated my Gravatar.


Or Gravatar figured out that I updated my Gravatar.  For a month I was this squiggly guy:



So any rate, the main reason I got back into the forum is that I miss the dialogue.  I like blogging and I love visitors, but let’s face it, this platform is really more a monologue.  The other reason is that, when I did drop by, I noticed lots of new players getting minimal (or no) answers to their questions in the Tohaa forum.


Au armes!

So on that note, I’d like to make this blog a better resource for new Tohaa players. After the release on the new Human Sphere book, I will be publishing an easy-to-read and fully illustrated “How Triads Work” article, an essentials-of-listbuilding article (there are already many good ones, but I’d like to write my own here), a full Gao-Tarsos cosplay, and a Tohaa buyer’s guide linking to all my various product reviews.

And on that note:  Sakiel review and Kotail review, are up, and Shark-Mounted Lasers review should post this week.  (I’d like to get some better pictures of their product, as the ones I took the other week are pretty shakey.)  And of course, new issues in the works.

I am not a talented painter, but if folks visiting the Lonely Artichoke would like tips, I could share the handful of tips I’ve picked up.  I’ve also been quietly collecting a Military Orders and Bakunin army, but I don’t know that I want to expand this blog into more things I can’t really commit to.


On the horizon for Tohaa are the “Symbiobeasts“, who are confirmed to be G: Sync creatures for our troopers.  Since G: Sync now allows multiple units to be synchronized, this means that our Rasails will be able to advance with both a peripheral and a symbio kitty.  “Symbiobugs“, misnamed, are rumored to be Tohaa’s version of CrazyKoalas.  The “Pulzar” on the Kerail Preceptor is a gun that will apparently impart the Targeted state on a successful hit.  That’ll be good news for any high-burst gunner and our Rocket Chaksas.  And Holoprojector will be picking up the Surprise Shot trait, which will be very good news for our starlike Kotails.

On the horizon for me next year is a return to university life after ~8 years of trying to do the hardworking artist thing and hating it.  I have a few other webcomic ideas kicking around a set of programming skills to master, so until my life gets overtaken in all that biz—thank you for visiting the Lonely Artichoke, and happy wargaming!


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